Terrible Teeth!

One sparkly smile and one smile sporting a lot of crowns.

One sparkly smile and one smile sporting a lot of crowns.

I have terrible teeth. I admit it. But it’s not my fault. I am a dental health enthusiast. If they gave awards for flossing and brushing and mouthwash-swishing, I would be giving a lengthy acceptance speech while clutching my golden tooth statuette. I inherited lousy teeth from my parents. So I go on with my daily tooth regimen while I continue to rack up the fillings and crowns. (My dentist loves me. Loves. Me. I’m pretty sure I paid for his last Caribbean vacation.)

I am aware, however, that if I were not the flossing/brushing/swishing award winner that I am, my teeth would be in worse shape than they are. So I am all about promoting February as National Children’s Dental Health Month. And that brings me to these fun and creative dental health activities I suspect your little ones will love!

How do you spotlight National Children’s Dental Health Month?

Brush, Floss, Rinseteeth

Have students pretend to be teeth as they stand in a circle with their shoulders touching. Stand in the middle of the circle with the following props: a brush-style ice scraper (toothbrush), a feather boa (dental floss), and a spray bottle of water (rinsing water). Explain the proper way to brush teeth as you pretend to brush the youngsters with the ice scraper. Then floss between the students by wiggling the boa between the youngsters. For a final rinse, use the spray bottle to mist the students. What a fun memorable activity!

A Toothy Tune

Lead students in singing this song and pantomiming the actions described.

(sung to the tune of “Peanut Butter and Jelly”)

First, you get the toothpaste and you squeeze it, you squeeze it!
First, you get the toothpaste and you squeeze it, you squeeze it!


For your healthy, healthy smile—your smile!music_notes
Your healthy, healthy smile—your smile!

Additional verses:
Then you wet the brush with the water, the water.
You put it on your teeth and you brush them, you brush them.
Then you take some water and you swish it, you swish it.
When you’re done with swishing then you spit it, you spit it.



2 thoughts on “Terrible Teeth!

  1. Many dentists are more than happy to come talk to classes about proper oral hygiene. They are also a good source of free toothbrushes and other products to give to students in need.

  2. I cut out teeth on manila paper because of the yellowish tint to it. I use white paint and they paint with toothbrushes.
    I also have the kiddos paint with floss.
    I do the experiment of a egg placed in a glass of pop so they can see how discoloring it is to teeth.

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