Teachers’ Pets

Did your nose wrinkle as you read the title of this blog? If it did—unwrinkle it! This blog is not about the notion that teachers show favoritism to select students. Ugh! We know better! Nope, this blog is about our furry, feathery, and scaly companions who are sooooo happy to see us after a long day in the classroom. Teachers’ pets—get it?LEXIE

We’d like to get acquainted with your pets because, after all, our pets are members of our family at The Mailbox too! Starting today, we invite you to share photos of your pets using your twitter account (ours is @TheMailbox). Then simply share your tweet with us using the hashtag #MBXteacherpics! We can’t wait to see your furriest family members. Or your scaliest. Or featheriest. Or creepy-crawliest!

Look for tweets of Lexie (pictured) and Theo, my two furry family members!


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One thought on “Teachers’ Pets

  1. I observe a number of teachers. Two of the oddest pets I have seen are sugar gliders, in balls rolling around floors. (They’re great because they don’t smell) Once I saw a pair of King Scorpions, but the kids couldn’t handle them.

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