Teachers’ Choice Awards: Classroom Tools That Are Winners!

When you want to know if a product works well in the classroom, whose opinion do you trust? If my guess is correct, then another teacher’s opinion is what matters most. That’s why the Learning magazine’s Teachers’ Choice Award (TCA) winners are the perfect go-to resources for the best in new classroom products.

Each year, a nationwide panel of teacher-judges names the standouts in everything you need for your classroom—books, games, websites, and more—as well as the best tools for at-home learning and the best resources for professional development. Our teacher-judges take their duties seriously. They use the products with their students and provide constructive feedback. That feedback determines whether the product can display the TCA seal, guaranteeing that it’s been tried and tested.

Take a look at what some of the teacher-judges said about these hands-on products for your kinesthetic learners. Then go to TeachersChoiceAwards.com to check out all the newest TCA winners!


Zingo! Word Builder, for grades K–2, is a game that helps students build reading skills three letters at a time. What our teacher-judges said:

This product is fantastic! I liked the fact that word-building is presented in a new and innovative way for students.

It reinforces word recognition and spelling. The children view it as a game that they are playing and do not realize that they are practicing word patterns.


KEVA Brain Builders, for ages 7 and up, trains young brains to think in multiple dimensions. What our teacher-judges said:****************

I love that this product addresses a real-world application skill of understanding and interpreting a drawing to build a model.

I liked that this product engaged my students’ brains while it was fun for them to play with. They had to think about how to manipulate the wooden pieces to complete the spatial-visualization puzzles.


Common Core Writer’s Block Set, for grades 3–8, has five blocks that yield hundreds of story combinations. What our teacher-judges said:****************

They are so simple to use and teach so many things about writing. Most of the writing Common Core standards are able to be taught using these.****************

Whenever a student didn’t know what to write about, I directed them toward the blocks. This would help them find a topic and continue with the assignment.***************


Don’t forget, go to TeachersChoiceAwards.com to check out all of this year’s winners!



PS: Would you like to be a teacher-judge and weigh in on exciting new classroom products? If you’re a full-time classroom teacher of any grade from preschool to grade 6, you can apply! Email hcrews@learningmagazine.com to learn how.

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