Teachers Are Awesome!

It’s day two of our Teacher Appreciation (TEAPP) Week celebration and another prize is up for grabs! To be entered in today’s prize giveaway, post your comment at this blog before midnight (EDT) Sunday, May 13. The winner will be announced on Monday, May 14.

On the second day of TEAPP Week
The Mailbox offered me
Two Mailbox books and

A really cool calendar


To be entered in a drawing for two books from The Mailbox (you pick!),
tell us what grade or age group you’ll be teaching next year!

Do I appreciate you? Yes, I DO!


66 thoughts on “Teachers Are Awesome!

  1. I get to stay in 2nd grade! Very excited but will miss my kiddos that I have had the pleasure of teaching for 2 years!

  2. This has been my 23rd year of teaching 8th grade history.AND I love it! Your magazine has given lots of ideas that I have tweaked and made my own!

  3. I have a preschool for 3 year olds that I absolutely love and the teacher in me knows that anything free is icing on the cake!!!

  4. Next year will be my last year of teaching. I will be retiring, but I have loved every minute of it. I will miss the children, but I hope to see them in the future as President, CEO, Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Technology experts, etc. Our future is bright because of our children!

  5. We haven’t been officially told which grade we will be teaching next year, but I’m thinking that I’ll remain in fifth grade.

  6. About to embark on being a hands on grandmother of 4 (they are all moving close!!!!!!!!) and another great year of teaching preschool. Thank you God!!

  7. Thanks for another great prize!

    I will be teaching preschool and kindergarten this fall! Busy, wonderful fun!

  8. I love mail boxes magazine! I will be teaching my wonderful preschool age group. Early childhood is so important. 🙂

  9. I have been teaching preschool for 19 years and we are moving so I will be doing speech next year and a new school. I am a little nervous and excited.

  10. I will be teaching a K-3 special day class with students who are supposed to have mild/moderate disabilities.

  11. 3 and 4 year olds and next year I will be teaching additional class of toddlers. I will be counting on Mailbox to help me along with it.

  12. I don’ t know yet. My husband and I will be moving as my husband is completing his time with the National Guard, and now has gotten a new job. I have been applying for a new teaching job in the area we will be moving, and hoping something happens for me. 🙂

  13. I will be teaching 1st again next year. Hopefully I’ll have time this summer to really pull my Daily 5 stuff together after battling the flood in our city all last summer.

  14. 2nd grade…an elementary school’s best kept secret (sweet students and just right curriculum)!

  15. Hopefully it will still be pre-kindergarten. We never know until we go back for staff development in August.

  16. I am not sure yet which grade I will be teaching, but I hope I will be teaching either 4 year-old kindergarten(4K) or kindergarten (5K)!

  17. This comming year I will be teachig 2 and 3 year old. I have such a great time with them. They keep me young.

  18. I’ll be teaching second grade again next year just as I have been teaching for the last 27 years!

  19. As a special ed teacher in a small school I teach most of the special ed students. I will have Prek – 5th or 6th grade.

  20. I will be teaching 2nd grade again next year. I have taught it now for 3 years at my current school and before that I taught multiple ages in an after school English program.

  21. I am looking to more forward in my career so I am unsure where and who I will be teaching next year. I do know that it will be at the early childhood level.

  22. I will be teaching 5th grade again next year. I have taught every grade level, K-8, and loved each one, but I have definitely found my “home” in 5th. I love teaching 5th and absolutely love 5th graders (Most days, anyway!! LOL)Many, many sincere thanks to all of you at Mailbox for all the wonderful support and encouragement and amazing teaching materials you provide to all teachers. We couldn’t do what we do without you!! 🙂

  23. I will be teaching Kindergarten, I am hoping really hard! I just changed from first this year so I hope all the training on Common Core for Kindergarten won’t go to waste! LOL

  24. Not sure yet, but definantly in elementary (we won’t know until later in June). Either way, the kids at the school are great and I love every minute I’m there 🙂

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