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Do you read “Teacher Talk”? I do! It’s a super fun and informative read. If you haven’t read “Teacher Talk,” it’s time you started. Simply turn to page 60 or 61 in your latest issue of The Mailbox magazine. If you subscribe to the Preschool edition of The Mailbox magazine, you’ll read about preschool teachers from around the country. If you subscribe to the Grades 2–3 edition, you’ll read about second and third grade teachers from around the country. See the pattern?

Now, here’s something else you may not know. You could be featured in “Teacher Talk”! How cool is that? Just click the grade level below that you teach. You’ll be linked to a survey that’s quick and easy to complete. Answer the survey questions, and your part of the process is finished. If your completed survey is selected for publication, you’ll receive a free issue of The Mailbox magazine in which you are featured.

Go for it! I want to read about you!

Links to the “Teacher Talk” Survey

These links will be active through January 2013. The survey shown is for the August/September 2013 issues of The Mailbox magazine.

Grade 1
Grades 2–3

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  1. That’s great. I always really enjoy reading the teacher talk section. It’s so interesting to see the variety of different class sizes and the range of favourite activities and books.

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