Talking STEM: Freebies, Grants, & Prizes for Teachers!

Remember when STEM was just a part of a plant? Now the talk about STEM—science, technology, engineering, and math—is in full force at schools everywhere. What better way to join the conversation than with a few freebies to get you started?

Submit a comment to our blog by midnight EDT on Monday, May 9, 2011, to let us know which of these freebies for teachers are your favorites. One lucky reader will win a prize pack of STEM resources. (Update: congratulations to Sheryl, who was our winner!) Plus, if you sign up to receive our blog updates, you’ll be entered in a second drawing to win a $100 prize pack. (Congratulations to Mary, who has been a subscriber to our blog since 2010.) Simply click on the box at the right that says “Subscribe to Tools of the Trade”. If you’ve already subscribed, you’re automatically entered in our drawing!


Vernier Software & Technology is celebrating its 30th anniversary—and you can join in the party! Thirty lucky schools will each win a $10,000 grant to purchase the Vernier technology equipment of their choice to enhance their STEM initiative. The contest is open now and runs through June 1, 2011. To apply, visit Good luck!


Looking for new options for teaching math? Here’s something unique: ST Math from MIND Research Institute takes a visual approach to teaching math, so students can reach their potential without being limited by literacy. To see how this works, view a video, try a demo, or sign up for a free trial at the website. Check it out!


Attention, standout science teachers: consider applying for the Gustav Ohaus Award. One lucky winner will receive a cash award of $1,500 and a trip to the National Science Teachers Association conference, where he or she will learn all about the latest with STEM and much more. The award is sponsored by Ohaus, which has just introduced the Harvard Junior Virtual Labs. Designed specifically for elementary students, the Harvard Junior Virtual Labs feature a self-guided, multisensory approach to teaching science and measurement. To learn more, click here!


This freebie is related to technology, but it’s technology to make your life easier! Does maintaining your class website take too much of your time? Sign up for a free 30-day trial from TeacherWeb, which provides template website solutions for teachers. With TeacherWeb, you can update calendars, homework lists, announcements, supply lists, photos, video, and more, all with just a few clicks. To see how TeacherWeb can help you, click here!


This final mention isn’t related to STEM, but it’s too good to miss: Mother’s Day is this weekend, and TeachersTape has just posted free activities for celebrating spring and Mother’s Day! These new step-by-step ideas include pictures, patterns, and simple directions. Plus, for a limited time, TeachersTape has a special 50% off sale too! TeachersTape sticks to virtually any classroom surface—including painted concrete block, wood, and glass—and removes with no sticky residue left behind. Click here now to check out the sale and see the free activities!


I can’t wait to hear which of these STEM-related freebies catch your interest. Submit a comment to our blog today!


PS: Have you signed up for your free scissors from Westcott? Simply complete a short form and you’ll receive two free pairs of scissors—one student pair and one teacher pair. Completing the form takes less than a minute. Click here now!

16 thoughts on “Talking STEM: Freebies, Grants, & Prizes for Teachers!

  1. Hi Laura,
    I couldn’t agree more–they are terrific! Very colorful, very simple, lots of fun!


  2. I am curious about the ST Math from MIND Research Institute. Many people are visual learners and my first graders definitely benefit from having visuals to refer to and see during our math lessons!

  3. Any materials, lesson plans, resources for Science are awesome! I teach three-year-olds and am amazed at how excited they get when we do simple science “projects.”

  4. I think the Vernier technology equipment would be a great addition to our program. I will be teaching a STEM class next school year as an elective for middle school students. The Vernier equipment would give us a chance to do so much!

  5. I think the teachers web would be a wonderful addition any curriculum. I have just started working with 3 yr. kids at a daycare center. Each month has an overall theme such as Imagination, and then each week we create themes for the week that are associated with the overall theme. The teachers web would give me an online site to store my theme ideas and to post patterns and templates to use. Since we are required to embed science in at least 2 lessons per week and the kid love science activities, teachers web would benefit our school because all the teachers could publish on it and share their great ideas.

  6. I am checking out the TeachersTape site right now. I am currently pursuing my masters in special ed. and I think the ST Math Tutor site seems like it would be cool to check out.

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