Sweets for the Teacher

Happy Thursday! Isn’t Teacher Appreciation Week fun? Today’s prize giveaway for our Teacher Appreciation (TEAPP) Week celebration here at the blog is from one chocolate lover to another! Remember, to be entered in today’s giveaway, post your comment on this blog no later than midnight (EDT) Sunday, May 13. The winner will be announced on Monday, May 14.

On the fourth day of TEAPP Week
The Mailbox offered me
Four chocolate bars,
Three theme kits,
Two Mailbox books, and
A really cool calendar!

To be entered in a drawing for four yummy chocolate bars,
tell us your best tip for managing stress.

You inspire me!

53 thoughts on “Sweets for the Teacher

  1. Laughter, with kids there is always something to laugh about. Secondly I walk great excerise and stress reliever.

    Everyday we dance in the classroom a good workout always relieves stress.

  2. Walking…no music, no talking, just walking. Not only do I keep in shape I walk “it” off and then can go about my day. When the weather is nice I can walk during my lunch break if it’s that bad of a day!

  3. When it comes to children in conflict I try to head it off with redirection. We use time-out at the daycaare more often then not. Keeping things organized would help me greatly, but it is the biggest hurddle I have in my little classroom

  4. I have a favorite bible verse on my desk and change it out ever so often. When I feel the stress building, I take a few seconds to read the verse and it always reminds me that the real reason I am in the profession is for the children. It isn’t about me but them, and they are depending on me to keep my cool!

  5. Humm…. Managing stress, getting really involved in the union so that we can reduce the stress in the classroom. Knitting, gardening, and reading.

  6. Chocolate is the answer!!! And if that doesn’t work, I walk a quick 3 miles with lots of upbeat music on my phone!

  7. Having a Friday Social Hour with fellow teachers/friends where we let off steam in a non-school environment is how we help our stress levels at my school. It helps so that we can all enjoy a fantastic weekend. Our spouses sometimes do not want to hear what goes on at school on a daily basis, so this is another outlet for our teachers!

  8. I sometimes think the best answer would be a nap, but those are so infrequent and hard to sneak in, lately I just need to get away from other people and have some alone time. Either that or the opposite…hang out with a bunch of good friends who will make you laugh and forget about why you are stressed in the first place!!

  9. I received a giant school supply cake from one of my parents!!!! She is the best!!!
    I love free website goodies!!!

  10. Oops, was so excited about my supply cake that I forgot to answer the question.
    Stress- what’s that??? hahaha
    I go to Hobby Lobby and walk the isles (by myself!!!!)
    I also find a quiet place to play on Pinterest 🙂

  11. I like to also do several of the things already mentioned. Walk, chocolate, music, and do something that happens to be a “treat” to myself. It may be a facial at the local Beauty School, a shopping trip alone, or lunch at my favorite place.

  12. Best tip… Staying organized! I laminated a checklist of things that I have to do every morning when I arrive and every afternoon when I leave. This helps me be prepared for my day and set up for the next day. On my conference period, I crank on my favorite music while I am working on grading papers, e-mailing and planning. This puts me in a good mood for the next class.
    I have another tip… I used to get bent out of shape when students misbehaved or disrupted class until I heard about Love & Logic for Teachers. The strategies it teaches puts all of the responsibility back on the kid so you are free to stay calm and at peace. Everyone should check it out!

  13. The best thing I do to relieve stress is to pull up Pandora radio and listen to Carribbean music or Kenny G. It helps me out alot. I use this before and after work. Mainly Kenny G though. 🙂

  14. I eat lots of pizza. Then I will pull out my wii and do the lotus meditation game. I do it 2-3 times. It really helps to calm me down.

  15. I do yoga to relieve stress. I also try to stay organize to relieve stress as much as possible! Smile and laugh that always helps make any situation better!

  16. Laugh! I laugh after school with my eductional assistants or my teaching partner. I truly believe laughter is the best medicine!

  17. I try to go to the gym regularly. I like to play Cafe World…is that bad?? Hehe My husband has great massage skills so that helps as well. 🙂

    I also chose to not live in the town that I teach in so I can truly step away on weekends and breaks.

  18. Pets! 🙂

    My cats – and the neighbor’s dogs — make me feel so much better when I come home at the end of a long, rough day. They are a joy to have around!

  19. I find that taking long walks helps me alot. Reading a good book or a favorite movie. Talking to my best friend MOM. By the way today in Mexico they are celebrating “MOTHERS DAY” Happy Mothers Day to all of you. We are all mothers to the children we teach.

  20. I manage stress by reminding myself to slow down. I often will repeat it to myself, until I do. To unwind I like to read or watch my favorite tv shows or listen to music.

  21. At lunch my teammates and I walk for 20 minutes. It helps break up the day and helps us get it shape too.

  22. When I used to eat sweets, I always had a lot of chocolate on hand. Now, I laugh a lot, and I remember that the day will be over and I can go home to my family.

  23. I watch my NASCAR! It really is a stress buster for me because I don’t think about school when I’m into NASCAR!

  24. I relax by talking to teacher friends as I drive away from the school. Chatting and giggling as I head home is key.

  25. I love to sit outside in the shade and read or work in my garden. In the winter, I love to sit and enjoy a fire in the fireplace.

  26. Before class starts pray for your students.
    Arrive early and play classical, jazz or soft elevator music before class starts.
    Read the Bible, or motivatioal quotes.

  27. Keeping a checklist and being organized as possible. Laughing with coworkers and taking a break in the summer! Keeping letters from former parents, students and coworkers to read on those really rough days. These letters remind me why I became a teacher.

  28. I manage my stress by making sure we have family time together. Sometimes I’ll take the kids outside and swing on the swings with them. That’s always fun too! Dancing and being goofy with the kids at school works wonders as well!

  29. This may sound corny, but the best stress buster I’ve come across is blowing bubbles. I work with an age range of birth thru preschool and no matter what class I’m in or how crazy it is, if I quietly start blowing bubbles I immediately have everyone’s attention. Yes, they want to jump up and pop them…at least I can now gain control and transition them to the next activity. Plus, did you know blowing bubbles steadies your breathing and regulates your pulse and blood pressure a lot like exercise and yoga! Everyone wins!

  30. To manage stress I walk most every evening with a friend to vent about any unappealing events that may have occurred in our days. I also like to get into the kitchen and cook or bake if I had a particularly hard day.

  31. I love to go for a walk on nice days during my lunch period. A few of the people I work with plan to go out for lunch once a week. We have a great time and a new setting takes all the stress away!

  32. For me, music has always been the best stress reliever!! Playing the guitar or piano or just singing away in the car as I drive home at the end of the day…an American Idol, I am not, but it does work for me!!:)

  33. Take time for YOU! Getting stressed will not help anyone-especially your students. Get away from the classroom and think of something you would love to do and do it! Laughing is always a great stress reliever!

  34. S.T.A.R. Stop/Take a Deep Breath/And/Relax from Conscious Discipline and a phone call saying “I love you” from my husband.

  35. De-stress with a glass of water, a square of dark chocolate, and the Bible. Then I welcome the young ones back from recess.

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