Swap Ideas Day

Today, September 10, is Swap Ideas Day. It’s a day to, well, swap ideas with other folks. It kind of startles me that, at some time in our not-too-distant past, someone thought we needed a special day to swap ideas. However, I’m going to move right on past that thought and swap an idea! It’s not an original idea, yet I find it quite intriguing.

Have you heard about the women who are choosing to wear the same outfit to work each day? Basically, you find an outfit you love and purchase it five times. Then each morning you put on the same outfit, changing up your accessories as you like. I’m thinking black pants, a white top, and a spiffy black jacket or sweater vest. Presto! I’m dressed! No more deciding what to wear each day of the week. I can wear the same shoes too! Just think of the time (and brainpower) I could save. Of course, I’d need to buy five new matching outfits. That’s problematic.

Care to swap your thoughts or ideas?



2 thoughts on “Swap Ideas Day

  1. One year I bought enough school tees that I could wear one daily with pants. Worked out great no real thought and I was always appropriate I thought until a child told her mom she wanted to get me a new shirt for Christmas because Mrs Taig only has one shirt.

  2. I enjoy wearing scrub blouses, they are comfortable, easy to move around in and I can put several items in my pocket. Which as a preschool teacher I often find myself emptying out my pockets before I go home. I can carry my class keys, instead of having them hanging on my neck, kleenex, pen, paper and some band-aids. At the end of the day, I have Lego’s, play animals, scissors, a flower (Dandy Lion) someone picked for me, hair clips, buttons, and other stuff. It all depends on the day. I have about 10 blouses with cute designs or animals.

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