Super-Duper Dice

My students loved activities that included a die or dice. I usually used the standard dot ones. When an activity required letters, math symbols, or a different set of numbers I grabbed my roll of masking tape and made the adjustments. There were occasions when I cut out, labeled, folded, and taped together a die pattern. Unfortunately, these die didn’t hold up all that well. That’s why when I saw these dice on Pinterest I sat up and took notice. Check them out! The wipe-off surfaces make them easy to program. The sides and corners are soft foam which means the dice won’t make a racket when they’re rolled. And of course I love the colors. Now I haven’t used these dice, however it looks to me as if they are designed to protect the wipe-off programming from sweaty hands.

If you haven’t used these dice, would you?

I’m thinking about purchasing a set for an upcoming First Friday Giveaway.

Let me know your interest!

Roll ‘em!



32 thoughts on “Super-Duper Dice

  1. These are great! I usually make paper cubes and change out the fronts with whatever I am working on, but as you can imagine its not very sturdy and they get smooshed a lot. I would love to have a set.

  2. These are amazing! How easy to differentiate activities for my special needs classroom without making 4 sets of materials!

    • Darlene, I ran across the dice on Pinterest and then located them on a couple of websites (Walmart and School Specialty). Lynn (below) said she saw something similar at the Dollar Tree. That would be a savings of about $20. I’ll check this out and see if the products are comparable.

  3. Love these! Can use for children to pick the song of the day, tell me something about yourself… favorite color, animal, etc. The options are endless for these dice!

  4. I have some I got from the dollar tree. I put the harder spelling words on them. The students roll them and write the words they land on.

  5. Love It! I have also seen dice where you can slide new sides in so you can have number dice with butterfly pictures or all the nimbers (or letters) can be different. My only concern with these is would the things that are written would rub off with little hands.

  6. Awesome! They would be great for Math Recovery as well as multiple word games. If you don’t do this, could you tell us where you got them?
    Thank You so Much
    Mary Mitchell
    Clio Schools, Michigan

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