Students Spewing Germs? Disinfect With Freebies, Prizes, and a Green Fundraiser!

Snuffle, sniffle, sneeze—achoo! Have germs been spewing—yes, spewing!—across your classroom? Well bless your heart and your sneezing students’ hearts too! I may not be able to cure the common cold, but I can help you clean up with free activities, a chance to raise funds for your school, and prizes to win.

Post a comment to this blog by 11:59 pm EST on February 2, 2016, to tell me which of the items below are your favorites. From the comments, I’ll randomly select one lucky teacher to win Picturepedia: An Encyclopedia on Every Page from DK and the Smithsonian. (Update: congratulations to Jerry, who is the winner of our prize.)



Now about those germs… You know what’s quicker than a thorough handwashing? Entering for your chance to win $750 classroom cash, an iPad mini, or a PURELL prize pack! Plus you can load up on free STEM activities, Common Core–aligned printables, and more to teach students the science behind handwashing so they can outsmart the germs. Don’t wait—the deadline is January 31. Enter and get your freebies here.


Here’s a green fundraising opportunity that’s nothing to sneeze at. You can earn 50 percent profit when you sell top-quality bulbs with Flower Power Fundraising. There’s a door-to-door selling option as well as an online fundraiser. The bulbs are delivered directly to the customers and are 100 percent guaranteed. Click here to find out more.



Did you know January 27 is Multicultural Children’s Book Day? Get a free diversity book for your classroom library plus enter to win a Skype author visit. Learn more and get a diversity picture book list for each of grades 3–8 here.


Don’t forget to post a comment for your chance to win the book!


PS: For another quick and easy way to get free resources, chances to win, and more, go to!

11 thoughts on “Students Spewing Germs? Disinfect With Freebies, Prizes, and a Green Fundraiser!

  1. Multi cultural book day great site check it out the site is a little difficult to use but worth the time and effort. Looking forward to receiving free book from the site.

  2. Picturepedia: An Encyclopedia on Every Page looks like a great read for kids and they do not have to read the words to understand.

  3. WOW! Two great products – a DK book with awesome illustrations and Purell … saving teachers and students from icky germs since 1997! Either of these fabulous items would be much appreciated. Thanks so much for all of the great resources and information you provide for educators!

  4. I love the DK books. The pictures in the books are so awesome to use in preschool lessons. We use lots of Purell in our preschool environment. We are are looking for fundraisers to use for one of our preschool students that has leukaemia. I will share the green fundraising idea. It is great that you give us all these neat resources.
    Thank you,
    DCSHCS Preschool Teacher,

  5. I really like the Multicultural Children’s Book Day! What a great idea to showcase how wonderfully diverse everyone really is.

  6. I love the Picturepedia book from DK and the Smithsonian. What a fantastic way to improve comprehension of new vocabulary for ELL and special needs learners!

  7. The information on flower fundraising is very timely. This would probably be a great way to raise funds for the greenhouse at the school

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