Stretched Thin?


Heather, our brave sales coordinator, strikes a pose guaranteed to put fear in the hearts of evil doers.

Superheroes can jump, twist, bend, and stretch when they’re fighting bad guys. Superhero teachers have to be flexible in different ways—ways that can often make you feel stretched way too thin! Today’s giveaway can help with that. It’s a $10 gift card to Target! You can use the money to get some extra supplies for school. (Or a bunch of chocolate. In my opinion superheroes deserve chocolate.)

To enter, simply leave a comment on this blog by midnight, EDT, Thursday, May 7, telling me what school supply you’re running out of!


141 thoughts on “Stretched Thin?

  1. scissors! (mine are all dull because students decided to try to cut Popsicle sticks while constructing Oregon Trail covered wagons)

  2. At this point pretty much everything! Mostly paint and easil paper. We have 6 bottles of red and nothing else!

  3. i ran out of glue sticks and crayons several weeks ago–we had to bum some glue sticks from our neighbor classroom to complete our Mother’s Day craft 🙁

  4. MONEY to purchase supplies! I have almost used up all my budget for the year! Fortunately, we only have about 2 more weeks left! As far as actual supplies, our markers are getting pretty bad.

  5. I am running out of white board markers. It is too late to order from our local store with school money (they stop us early). Would like staples too! Thanks for asking about our needs.

  6. You mean besides patience, right? Cap erasers because my first graders demolish the one on the actual pencil within five minutes!

  7. Xerox paper! Our school doesn’t supply the teachers and we have to ask the parents and then buy our own. Thanks!

  8. EVERYTHING. . . . . post it notes, copy paper, dry erase markers, glue, but it is okay b/c the kids are excited this time of the year and they keep us going!!!

  9. Pencils, we go through them so fast in our weight room, with students having to fill out their workout cards, never have enough

  10. I’m running out of kleenex! The Texas allergies are completely overtaking my class (and my student’s sinuses!) Thanks for the help 🙂

  11. Paper clips! I don’t understand how in the world for the first time in 8 years I have a sudden paper clip shortage, but my mini-hooligans (I use that term affectionately) have apparently been pilfering them all through the year. We’re down to just a few in the magnetic holder, and I’m guarding that baby with my life!

  12. I am forever spending my last $10 to buy something for one of my students, so I am beyond stretched thin!

  13. Our tissues are totally gone. Ive ended up bringing my own from home for the class to use. Lots of spring allergies to contend with and paper towel is just too rough on little noses!

  14. I am running out of pencils and markers. They must be magic because they disappear from one second to the other.

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