Strawberry Time!

Do you know what I currently see on my personal Facebook page? A lot of photos of little kids with baskets and red fingers. Why? Because the pick-your-own strawberry farms have all opened up in this area! (In fact, Sunday, May 20th is Pick Strawberries Day.) Unless you’re taking a field trip to a strawberry farm, you won’t be picking strawberries with your students. But you can involve youngsters in some pretend strawberry picking! Check out this fun fine-motor center!

Trim a length of green bulletin board paper so it resembles a row of strawberry plants and place the paper on the floor. Then scatter red pom-poms (strawberries) on the paper. Provide small baskets and tongs. Youngsters visit the center and use the tongs to “pick” berries and place them in the baskets.



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