Stop What You’re Doing!

I’m not one to order people around. However, I’m making an exception today. This is an order for every teacher reading this blog. Grab a mirror, look eye to eye with the teacher in mirror, and say these words: “You are making a difference. You are appreciated.” Then give yourself a hearty pat on the back for a job well done!

You see, today is World Teacher’s Day—a day for raising awareness, understanding, and appreciation for teachers around the word. It’s a day to honor the absolutely vital contributions teachers make in shaping our world’s youth. I simply can’t say it enough—thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now I’m curious. How long have you been teaching?

Here’s to you!


 PS: My pal Karen is showing her appreciation by linking you to a free Peanuts “Read!” poster that you can print out—just in time to make classroom connections to The Peanuts Movie. (There are other free goodies too!) Click here!

5 thoughts on “Stop What You’re Doing!

  1. I have been teaching for 49 years. Teaching preschool is great. They are so eager to learn. Teaching sixth, seventh and eighth graders is always challenging. Harder to see the eagerness to learn, but it is there.

  2. It’s been 12 years, all in pre-k. I love it. My original degree is in psychology, but I went back to school to earn my teaching certificate. I started teaching at age 34.

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