Squeeze in Some Art!

painting-85781_960_720If it weren’t for the arts, I would have had a very lonely existence in school—and I wouldn’t have grown up to be the person I am today. And since I’m reasonably fond of that person, I’ve decided to write this blog post. I know that many of your schools don’t have an art program. The elementary schools I taught in didn’t. And so it helps those artistic students if you can squeeze creativity into your school day.

Don’t yell at me. I know you’re already squeezed as tight as possible. But it might be super simple to integrate these suggestions:

  1. Have students use visual arts to show understanding of a topic. For example, use collage to illustrate the history of your state.
  2. Incorporate pantomime or script writing when retelling a story.
  3. Have students find music that relates to the overall theme of a story.
  4. Direct students to create eye-catching posters or advertisements to explain concepts.

And here is one of my favorite artsy ideas: create a sticky note gallery. As an occasional option for students when they finish their work or as a quick five-minute transition time activity, allow each student to make a mini piece of artwork on a sticky note. Have available glue, collage items, colored pencils, and markers. Then encourage students to display these mini pieces of artwork side-by-side on a wall. (Go here to see a sticky note gallery created by professional artists!When the wall is full, have students take their artwork home and then create another wall of artwork. Make sure you praise everyone’s mark-making.post-it-1819739_960_720

How do you squeeze in the arts?


3 thoughts on “Squeeze in Some Art!

  1. Simply Wonderful!!!! We are too busy trying to think of elaborate art projects, when something as simple post-it-notes and markers, crayons, paints, etc..are just as effective if not more meaningful. I love the idea. I teach early childhood classes at the college level, this is an idea that will definitely be passed on and practiced by my adult students.

  2. I always look for music that goes with a book theme. We talk about how the song is the same/different from the book. We also compare songs that are of the same story/theme. I’m always using music in my room. The kids love it!

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