Springtime Behavior Solutions

Yippee, skippee—spring is on its way! I’m so ready for the promise of sunny skies and delightfully warm temps. Just thinking about spring makes me want to shed my shoes and do a wild and crazy happy dance! Hmmmm, right now you’re probably thinking “Wow, I’m glad she’s not in my classroom.”  :+)

The truth of the matter is, the arrival of spring can bring about exuberant student (and adult!) behaviors. This year, be prepared with these creative suggestions.

  • Encourage students to use their noodles! Whenever the class demonstrates exceptionally good behavior, put an uncooked noodle in a jar. When the jar is filled, give students a predetermined reward.

  • Laminate a hundred chart and put number cards from 1 to 100 in a container. A child who is caught demonstrating excellent behavior signs one square on the chart. Every few days, take a card from the bag. If a child’s name is in the corresponding square, he earns a special privilege.

  • Cut apart copies of the sunny money patterns. (Click here.) Award students sunny money for completing homework and exemplary behaviors. At the end of each week, students purchase items from a Sunny Money Classroom Store that is stocked with inexpensive rewards.

Love, love, lovin’ spring,


PS: Click here for more FREE behavior-management ideas!


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