Spectacular Spring Events!

Spring sure has sprung to life! It seems that every time I check my email or go to my mailbox, there’s another interesting tidbit about a fun freebie for teachers. Here’s a rundown of some of the things I’ve learned of lately. They’re sure to contribute to a super spring for you and your students!

Ready to get fancy with technology? Here’s help! Sign up for a free webinar presented by PBS Teachers and Classroom 2.0. Experts will share innovative approaches to elementary math and science instruction using media and technology. You’ll also have a chance to preview Cyberchase Weather Watchers, access Cyberchase games and activities, and use Cyberchase video segments. The event is set for Tuesday, April 7 at 8:00 EST. To sign up, visit PBS Teachers Live!

April is Poetry Month! Sign up to receive a poem via email every day from the Academy of American Poets. You’ll also find teaching tips, lesson plans, information about poetry events in your area, and more.

Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22, 2009. Find out about Earth Day events, watch Earth Day TV, and more at Earth Day Network. Plus you can learn how to get your school involved in the No Idling Campaign, which aims to reduce pollution from idling cars and buses.

No doubt your students are hearing a lot about the economy these days. BrainPOP is offering free financial literacy movies and activities to help students understand what’s happening with the economy and why. Materials are for grades K and up and are available throughout Financial Literacy Month in April.
World Kids Coloring Day is May 6, 2009. What could be more fun? Sponsored by Staedtler, the theme is “our earth – our universe” and has accompanying lesson plans for teaching astronomy. Schools are encouraged to collect donations for Save the Children. The three schools that collect the most will win monetary prizes. Visit www.world-kids-coloring-day.us to learn more.

Hope your spring is filled with fun activities. Enjoy!


P.S. Our spring issue of Learning® magazine includes lots of fun freebies and contests. Click here to take a look!

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