Something on a Stick Day

Yeppers, you read that right. I’m telling you about this special day in advance so you can prepare to celebrate with your kiddos. The official date of Something on a Stick Day is next Thursday, March 28. (Just so you know, the day is always celebrated on March 28.) When I first read about this day my mind went to food—of course! S’mores, corn dogs, ice cream bars, kabobs, and so on. Once I got my fill of food-related uses, craft sticks popped into my brain. Teachers like us know how to put stuff on craft sticks. We write on sticks, color-code sticks, tape cutouts on sticks—you get the idea.

Have you ever searched “craft sticks” at Well, I just did. There are more than 300 craft stick ideas. If you’re not game to scroll through all 300 ideas, remember you can narrow your search in the sidebar by grade, curriculum, and idea type. CLICK HERE.

So don’t be a stick in the mud! Get a stick on and plan a craft stick idea for next Thursday. Your kiddos will get a stick out of it—I mean a kick out of it. (I couldn’t help it. I had to go a little stick crazy!)

By the way, what’s your favorite craft stick idea?


Have a great first weekend of spring!


3 thoughts on “Something on a Stick Day

  1. With craft sticks I enjoy making chandeliers, sculptures, houses, clocks, wells, lamps and eagles and Christmas trees.

  2. I use craft sticks to make puzzles, match upper and lower case letters, numbers with dots, write names to pull for partners, make puppets for our stories, and lots more I can’t think of at the time

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