Something Old, Something New

Not long ago, several teachers chimed in when we featured an overhead projector on our Facebook site. Who knew (clearly not me!) that the military used this handy projector before it was introduced into the classrooms in the early 1960s. Here’s something else I didn’t know—the projector is still being used in classrooms across the country! This got me wondering. What do you think is the oldest piece of technology in your classroom or school, and what is the newest? Please chime in!

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12 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New

  1. I still use my cassette tapes! Just recently got rid of the records though. It’s so hard to find the players!

  2. Oh, I still love my slate chalkboard and manual pencil sharpener. (How long have we used chalk and pencils?) Our school does have an updated iPad cart.

  3. Oldest: computers. We are still running windows xp.
    Newest: my document camera. Love it! And I use my personal iPad to teach with as well.

  4. The oldest piece of technology I my room and my life is the ballpoint pen, and the newest is my hover camera/ projector.

  5. the kiddos love the old chalkboard. I love my record player and old records. I laugh when I pull them out and the kiddos say its Mrs. Taig’s big cd player.

  6. Oldest electronic technology: my computers are running (sometimes) Windows 97.
    Newest: apple tv & document camera, along with iPad mini. Hope to learn how to use them this year!

  7. Paper cutters are probably one of the older pieces of equipment that is routinely used in the school I teac.

  8. We still use a record player from time to time for some old favorites that we don’t have on cds. The first time we get it out each year, the kids always ask what it is.

  9. I came across a FILM STRIP PROJECTOR with filmstrips in my school’s teacher’s room. Now that is VERY OLD technology! Our newest would be our SMARTBOARDS in all classrooms!

  10. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I found an old opaque projector in a back corner of a dusty closet. I loved using those as a student, when they helped me show pictures out of a book, projected in huge living color on the wall, for my oral presentations. The newest equipment we have are all our Chromebook carts, purchased to replace all our iPads as their batteries wear out.

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