SOAR Into Summer! Five Teachers WIN This Fact-Filled Book

If you lined up a peregrine falcon, a white-throated needle tail, and a frigatebird for a race, which would be most likely to win? Make your guess and you’ll be entered to win this week’s prize: Book of Flight: 10 Record-Breaking Animals with Wings (Phaidon). We have five copies to give away, so encourage your teacher pals to enter too! (Update: Congratulations to Sue, Karen, Jessica, Connie, and Paola for being our lucky winners!) You don’t have to guess correctly to win; just submit your comment to this blog by Thursday, June 27, to be included in our random drawing. Good luck!




Everyone can download the free Book of Flight Activity Pack to go with the book. Students match the record-breaking animal to its animal fact, dream up what they would do if they were like the fabulous flyers in the book, and more. Click here to get the free activities.





This year, 1,000 teachers in grades K–3 each will receive ten copies of If I Built a Car, which was created by the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association to encourage interest in car-related hobbies. Throw your name into the hat here.







The National Science Teachers Association has released its latest list of Best STEM Books K–12. Get the list here.





Don’t forget to share this post. With five prizes this week we’ll have winners all over the country!


PS: Did you know that Draco Lizard is the winged creature that’s best at hovering? It lives in the forest’s canopy because the ground has too many predators. I think I’d learn to hover too!

33 thoughts on “SOAR Into Summer! Five Teachers WIN This Fact-Filled Book

  1. This would be a wonderful addition in my 5th grade science lab. Especially when we conduct our airplane lab! The peregrine falcon would probably win.

  2. I think the white-throated needle tail would win. I’m mostly guessing that one because I’ve never heard of it.

  3. My guess is the peregrine falcon. Now I will have to go research the other two to see if I’m right or not.

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