So Many Wrappers!

When the sugar high of Halloween has receded, you might discover that you have an abundance of candy wrappers. I know I will. So I sat down at my computer and did some searching for ideas that reuse candy wrappers. Apparently, people have reused wrappers to make everything from bowls to dresses! Personally, I discovered that some wrappers are conducive to origami. Check out my Starburst Original Fruit Chews frog. (An aside–when I was in second grade I got into trouble for making an entire army of these frogs from scrap paper.)

But certainly there are other reuse options for candy wrappers! That’s where this candy wrapper STEM center comes in. Provide a bowl full of candy wrappers and other items such as wax paper, cardboard tubes, tagboard, tape, and glue. Invite students to the center and challenge them to create something. The results should be fascinating!


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