Snip, Snip, Snip

Check out that hairdo, would you? My mom insisted I have a pixie cut for much of my childhood. And, like most kids, I wanted exactly what I didn’t have: long hair and brown eyes. Why the short hair? Well, I was quite good at sniffing out hidden shears. On one occasion, I snipped a chunk of hair off the top of my head. I have no doubt I was using Westcott scissors. The company dates back to the 1800s, and those scissors cut like a dream! Because I was quite crafty, I hid the snipped hair behind the couch so no one would know. Hello! Would no one notice that a big hunk of hair was missing from the top of my head? Yes, my mom was mortified. In my defense, I was simply curious. After all, I’d watched my mom get her hair cut plenty of times!

Don’t forget to share your classroom scissor story at “Meet a Westcott Warrior…” by 11:59 pm EDT on Wednesday, June 27, 2013. You’ll automatically be entered in our random drawing for two pairs of Westcott adult scissors!

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PS: Just to clarify, the scissors I used were from the 1900s! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Snip, Snip, Snip

  1. A girl was hunched over at her desk, looking down into her lap, snipping small pieces from her knit pants.
    I saw another girl cut some of her hair. I put it in a Baggie, sent it home, and called her mom. I checked her desk after the students went home and found another chunk of long beautiful hair. It went home with the girl the next day, tied in a pretty pink ribbon.

  2. I was fortunate enough to have my grandson in my classroom a few years ago. Caden was sitting at the table cutting with scissors. My Assistant was sitting next to him. Another child came by and said to my assistant oh you have a spider in your hair to scare her. She said oh no get it out get it out. Caden reached over with the scissors and cut my assistant hair. He said I got the spider out.

    Someday I will blackmail him with this story. Maybe they were Westscott scissors.

  3. As a first year kindergarten teacher, I had a lot to learn. I knew my children needed time to practice their fine motor skills, so I came up with the brilliant idea to create a Cutting Center. The first week, I placed blunt tipped student scissors and paper that had wavy, zig-zag, and straight lines printed on them on a table , and I explained that when the children visited that center, they should use the scissors to practice cutting on the lines on the paper.

    Shortly after students went to their assigned centers, one of my young students yelled, “Mrs. Hall, help me! These scissors don’t work!”. As I walked to his aide, I was surprised to see the child’s scissors were laying on the table with the paper laying on top of them. I soon learned that this child had never seen scissors before! I told the the child that he was right, the scissors don’t work, unless we help them. Then I showed him how to place his tiny fingers in the handle to make them work.

    He learned how to use scissors that day, but I learned a very valuable lesson as well. Don’t ever assume your students have had experiences needed to practice mandated grade level standards. Now I always preaccess to see exactly what each child needs.

  4. We were having a fund raiser assembly at our elementary school. You know where the fund raising company comes to your school and gets the kids all hyped up with the idea of getting fabulous prizes if they sell the most stuff? Well, different teachers were getting up to the microphone and challenging their classes to sell the most and they would be willing to do things like give the kids an ice cream party or wear a clown costume all day.
    I decided to go one step further. I got up to the mike and told my class that if they sold over $1,000 I would shave my head and they could all help.
    Well, of course, my class WON (they sold over $1,500). So, my brother volunteered to come in with his barber shears and do the deed. Each one of my students (they were 2nd graders)got to come up and cut several chunks of my hair. *Note–Everyone KNOWS how fun it is to cut hair…and this they were doing with PERMISSION). Then my brother finished the job.
    I saw several of these former students recently (they’re in college now)and they told me this is one of their fondest memories.

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