Six Little Known Giveaways

First come August and September, and then come October and November. Next, there are December and January followed by February and March. Hooray for April and May, and hallelujah for June and July. Yes, I’m talking about the school year, sort of! More specifically, these are months paired in the six issues of The Mailbox magazine. Six issues, six giveaways? Are you makin’ the connection?

Six times a year, or each time the latest issue of The Mailbox is published (in print and digital formats), all teachers are invited to enter a giveaway called Win It! That’s right, all teachers. You don’t have to be a magazine subscriber to enter, and you don’t have to be a magazine subscriber to win!

There’s a new contest going on right now, and the prize lets you choose a book from four of the newest books from The Mailbox. Check it out at!

Free stuff rocks!

PS: Don’t forget to share one of your great ideas for using word or picture cards at “Card Claim” by midnight ET tomorrow, February 28, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a free book of your choice from The Mailbox!

2 thoughts on “Six Little Known Giveaways

  1. I use the blank cards and glue the words for each week with pictures for memory games. the more they see the words the better very young children remember

  2. We play a game called “Zap”. Put content words on cards and “Zap” on some of the cards. You can play memory or just flash cards or and “around the world” But when a “zap” word comes up…the student is out of the game…loses their cards or turn ..or sometimes I have them do some kind of physical activity. The possibilities are endless how you want to use the “Zap”.

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