Singing the Common Core Blues?

Was I destined to end up working for The Mailbox? That’s hard to say. Destiny is a difficult subject. Are teachers destined to always have to create their own supplemental materials? If I lingered around my blog for a few minutes, I bet I’d be able to make out many grumblings.

With the emergence of Common Core State Standards, the idea of teachers creating their own supplemental materials seems even more acute. Teachers I have encountered this year have noted the lack of learning materials to reinforce many aspects of the math curriculum under Common Core.

I may have been destined for The Mailbox from the moment I created my own set of quizzes and a final test for a novel I was teaching in a literature class. You know how it goes; you have a subject to teach but you are unsatisfied with the supporting activities and lessons. So you sit in a quiet place on a Sunday afternoon and create them yourself.

Learning resources from The Mailbox have always been designed to enhance the curriculum you teach. As we move forward at your side, rest assured that we’re aligned with Common Core and will be making it easier for you to select the right ideas to enhance lessons.

Have you found yourself creating more of your own supplemental materials due to the new Common Core State Standards? Have ideas for how The Mailbox can help you? We invite your suggestions. We want to know how it’s going in your classrooms!

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