Shout It Out!

Sometimes it seems like all we hear are negative things. Between my CNN email updates and the things some people post on Facebook, it’s surprising that I smile at all. I know that children pick up on our negativity. So when I see something just chock-full of feel-good vibes, I love to share it! And this idea is so overwhelmingly positive, I think adults should implement it as well. (It might even be a good thing for your school’s teacher lounge!)

Behold—the Shout Out Wall!

Promote self-esteem and writing skills with a Shout Out Wall. Provide sticky notes and, when students have a few moments, encourage them to jot down successes they’ve had at home, at school, or with various hobbies and activities. When the wall gets full, have students take their notes home. Then begin a new Shout Out Wall!




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2 thoughts on “Shout It Out!

  1. What a wonderful positive and colourful -(P.S. I am British so color is spelt different) as i was saying what a wonderful colourful idea and thanks for being so positive it is a breath of fresh air ;-))))

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