Should You Work Harder?

If you work harder, your face will freeze this way.

Today is one of those unofficial holidays–it’s “Work Harder Day.” But I suggest that we completely disregard this “holiday” because you already work hard enough. Check out these incredibly depressing facts about work in the United States:

  • The average worker spends over 200 hours each year commuting to and from her job.
  • Most people spend 60% of their lives working.
  • People are retiring at a later age. In the 1990’s the average retirement age was 57. It’s currently closer to 63.

So you should not work harder. Instead, let’s have more fun! Try laughing more, breaking into random dance moves, and checking out these silly and educational activities from The Mailbox®.


This silly song will get little ones moving and laughing!





Learning about commas is a series is hilarious with this fun pizza activity!

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