Short & Sweet: Win The Book that Celebrates the Shortest Day of the Year

As a person of small stature, I’m for celebrating all things short—including the shortest day of the year. And here’s the book to do it. The Shortest Day (Candlewick), by Newbery winner Susan Cooper and Caldecott Honor winner Carson Ellis, takes Cooper’s classic poem about the shortest day (this year, December 21 for the northern hemisphere) and turns it into a magical picture book celebrating endings and beginnings.

Here’s how you can win: Submit a comment to this blog by Thursday, January 2, 2020, and share one short thing you like. Short stack of pancakes? Strawberry shortcake? Short lines at the grocery store? Short days at school? Short to-do list? Short answers to questions? You name it! One lucky teacher will be randomly selected to win. Congratulations to our lucky winner Lori Blevins!

Here’s a short look at some teacher contests that end, well, shortly!


Everyone loves those crazy quitting crayons! Enter for a chance to win a Crayon Classroom Pack at Hurry, the contest ends December 31.



One thousand teachers will win STEM Kits featuring 12 Hess Toy Trucks plus a free STEM curriculum. Hurry, this contest ends December 31 as well. Enter at (Bonus: Everyone can download the STEM curriculum for free.)



The Book Creator competition for schools offers the chance to win five Chromebooks, a professionally printed student book, a chance to attend a teacher tech conference, and more. Get the details—and try Book Creator for free—at The contest ends January 10, 2020.

Don’t fall short; submit a comment to this blog and get on the short list for our prize!


PS: THIS IS IT! Learning contests end TOMORROW! Click here.

45 thoughts on “Short & Sweet: Win The Book that Celebrates the Shortest Day of the Year

  1. I like my short friends as they make me look taller. Lol. We are just a great group of old friends who all turned out short but I am the tallest of all us. Lol. Love my friends

  2. I love my cousin, Amanda. She is the sweetest human being you will ever meet and the only one shorter than me. (I am 5’2″.)

  3. My birthday is the shortest day of the year! This book is perfect! When I was a child, my mom used to tell me my birthday was on the shortest day of the year and I would cry and cry. I didn’t understand she meant daylight hours. I thought maybe my birthday was only 2 hours. I would love this book for my kindergarten classroom!

  4. I absolutely love working with the short kids???? yes they will grow big but right now unconditional love for their teachers (hugs around the knees) and their love for learning keep me coming back for more!

  5. I absolutely love my short daughter- 22 yrs old and not even 5 ft tall. She’ll make a great teacher when she graduates this spring.

  6. I would love to have a short “to-do” list some day! I’m so excited about this book. My mom’s birthday is December 21, and she always said she got the short end of the stick when it comes to birthdays. This book would show her that it’s a special day to celebrate!

  7. I have to admit that my favorite “short” thing right now is our family’s new kitten. I know he won’t be “short” forever so I am enjoying every minute. ????

  8. I love short and small animals. Guinea pigs have short legs, and even ladybugs have short legs for their body type. This book is just what i was looking for, and was just trying to explain the longest night makes the shortest day- tomorrow. A book is the shortest way to explain this to 3 and 4 year olds.

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