Share Your Summer Countdown (Plus Summer-Themed Books to Win!)


How many days are left in the school year for you? Let us know—and when you do, you’ll be entered into our random drawing for a chance to win these perfect-start-to-the-summer books:


To enter our contest, submit your comment to this blog by 11:59 pm EDT on June 6, 2017. Then keep your summer celebration going with this week’s free and fun goodies:



Make time for fun and learning this summer at the International Literacy Association conference. You’ll find hundreds of sessions and exhibits at the show, held July 15-17 in Orlando. Learn more at



Crayola’s Creative Leadership Grants help PreK-grade 8 schools increase art-infused education. Up to 20 schools will receive $2,500 each and $1,000 of Crayola products. Administrators must be the ones to apply so give your principal some summer homework: Applications are due June 23, 2017. Get details at


Here’s another arts-related item: Bluegrass in the Schools has mini-grants of up to $200 for K-12 in-school programs. Don’t fiddle around (groan), get the details at

Be sure to let us know how many days until your school year ends for a chance to win those books.

Counting down right along with you,


PS: Speaking of things coming to an end, our latest round of WIN! contests ends on May 31. Click here now to enter. Forty teachers will win more than $2,000 in prizes!

44 thoughts on “Share Your Summer Countdown (Plus Summer-Themed Books to Win!)

  1. As of today, May 23, 2017, we hqve two days left, the last day is movie day.
    Summer school begins Tuseday, May 30, 2017 for 12 days.

  2. Today is our last official day but we home school throughout the whole year in some way or another. These would be great for our studies this summer and next year!

  3. We have 6 school days left …’s hard to tell who is more ready … the students or the teachers!!!

  4. I do Family Childcare so I really don’t have an end of the school year. We do school all year long.

  5. We have 19 student days left. Then one more teacher clean up day. We have a super short summer because my district is moving up the start date. Cannot wait until next school year is over!

  6. I teach preschool all year. My students and I are ready for a break this Memorial Day weekend! 🙂

  7. Pre-k and Seniors done today, and K thru 11th is done Thursday!!!
    I will be back on June 19 to work with summer school special education!!!!

  8. None! The last day for the children was yesterday (Thursday) and today was the last day for all of the teachers! Happy Summer!

  9. Friday will be my last day. The kids have been done since last Friday. Now it’s time to tie up all the loose ends.

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