School Volunteers

April is National Volunteer Month. Who knew, right? Even if you’re not prepared to formally recognize your school’s volunteers (which often occurs as the school year is wrapping up), it’s a great opportunity to give a shout-out to the folks who offer their gifts of time. Verbal acknowledgments and handwritten notes are quick and easy. If you have a bit more time, pair one of the following items with the provided message:

hand cream—You are super at lending a HAND! Thank you!

chocolate chip cookie(s)—Thanks for CHIPping in!

fresh flower—I couldn’t have PICKED a better volunteer!

coffee—Thanks a LATTE for helping us out!

Lifesaver candy roll—You are such a LIFESAVER! Thank you!

Do you have other ideas? Please share!

Valuing volunteers,



4 thoughts on “School Volunteers

  1. “It’s been a treat to have you as our volunteer!” – attach to a candy bar, bag of chips, or whatever snack you choose.

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