School Has Gone to the Dogs…and a Hamster…and More! Win Three Books and Find Freebies for You and Your Students

A school full of pups, an enormous hamster in the classroom—what happens when pets come to school? And what adventures are in store for siblings separated by school for the first time?

I’ve got three books that are sure to ease the transition to school and become class favorites. Submit a comment to the blog by 11:59 pm EDT Sunday, August 23, 2015, to tell me which of the contests and freebies below are your favorites. If your name is randomly chosen from the comments, these books will be yours!
School was a mysterious, scary place for Stanley the pup and his friends in Stanley at School. But a sniff around leads them to lunches! And then to kids! And then, uh-oh, to the top dog—the principal! In My Humongous Hamster Goes to School, students’ lunches don’t stand a chance. From the playground to art, this hamster makes the most of “bring your pet to school” day. Then when Maple goes to school in Maple & Willow Apart, younger sibling Willow must find her own adventures. The sisters come up with a creative solution so they can feel connected even when they’re apart.  (Update: congratulations to Samantha, who is the winner of our prize.)
I’ve got some big news for you: ABCmouse now has first-grade content! And like ABCmouse’s preschool, PreK, and kindergarten curriculums, the first-grade content is absolutely free for schools! Want help with proper nouns? Check out the Grammar Kingdom. Need base 10 addition support? Turn to the Strong Brothers. The first-grade content supports standards and covers ELA/reading, math, science, social studies, and more in a way that helps kids love to learn. To check it out, you need to register at
Liquid glue, glue sticks, glitter glue, display boards, adhesive letters—wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your classroom stocked with these? Then enter the Elmer’s Makes Learning Stick sweepstakes! You have two more chances to win an Elmer’s prize pack worth $250. Plus scroll down on the site to check out the free resources for fun-filled learning for preschool through grade 6. This is one of my favorites: “The Science of Slime” for grades 1–6. It lets students get gooey while learning about polymers and addressing literacy and math standards. Click here.
Storytime meets STEM with these Motivation Vocabulary Card Sets that teach math and science from a kid’s point of view. Research shows that knowing the vocabulary deepens students’ understanding of math and science. The cards provide clear and simple definitions as well as representations of the terms. Plus each card set includes a free Word Play Activities book for teachers. Learn more and request a free school sample here.
Did you know you can get award-winning, online K–6 math activities to supplement your lessons for free? Matific has thousands of standards-aligned interactive activities that reinforce math concepts, a teacher dashboard to track students’ progress, and full-length lesson plans. Sign up by September 30, 2015, and you’ll be automatically entered to win prizes that include $25 Amazon gift cards, a Chromebook, and a $500 Amazon gift card! Learn more here.
Don’t forget to submit a comment for your chance to win the books!


18 thoughts on “School Has Gone to the Dogs…and a Hamster…and More! Win Three Books and Find Freebies for You and Your Students

  1. I have to have ‘Maple & Willow Apart!’ It reminds me of many students I’ve had in previous years — the oldest goes to “big kids” school while the smaller ones either stay at home or go to daycare. And at the end of the day, they are so happy to see each other. 🙂

  2. I love slime and it was nice to see the science background download thanks to Elmer’s Glue. I see the new book Maple and Willow, how sweet and a good connection for the upcoming first day of school. I have students who have to help siblings and vice versa. It shows the strength of the family.

  3. I’d love to win the picture books, especially the hamster and Maple & Willow. Thanks for informing us about all these cool sites, too.

  4. Was difficult to decide which freebie I liked this month-all where great!! I requested several samples from the Math Motivator site- but I think my students will love Matific.

    Both are great resources for new and not so new teachers.

  5. I am off to check out that matific website now! Plus, I would love those books! I’m a second year teacher who still needs to grow my library a lot!

  6. I am so excited to see these three books being highlighted. As a kindergarten teacher, fun books about starting school are always a treat. When they are tied into family pets, the wonder and excitement builds. My kids would love to have a hamster as a class pet, but we stick with our hermit crabs because, as we can see from this new book, furry friends can create incredible adventures. I’ve been reading about Willow and Maple and think they need to become our new friends as my Florida kinder-bears learn about the seasons.

    My kinders love I know our first grade teachers will love knowing they will be able to continue the practice and fun in learning this year.

    We are a S.T.E.M. classroom. My favorite contest is the Motivation Vocabulary pack.

  7. Wow! Love all these ! The books would be a fabulous addition for my library, already use ABC Mouse for K looking forward to using it with my 1st graders, and then the Matific site looks very useful!

  8. All of these resources look fantastic. I am new to fourth grade this year and plan to check out the matific site!

  9. I have enjoyed reading about I want to give the thrill of learning to my preschoolers to help them become more aware of how easy learning can be through animals. Thanks for all the new ideas. 🙂

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