Saved by the Sloth: You’ll Quickly Love This Book—Win It!

Patti has a school project due, but she accidentally leaves it at the Rainforest Rescue Center. Sloth and his faster friends speed off to get the project to Patti. Will they be right on time?

You can win Sloth to the Rescue (Running Press). Submit a comment to this blog and let us know if you prefer to take your time like Sloth or if you’re always speedy like Ocelot. Or maybe you’re right in between like their friend Capuchin? Send your comment by Thursday, October 31, to be included in the random drawing. Good luck! Congratulations to our lucky winner Brenda Janzen!

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I think I have a little Sloth and a little Ocelot in me. Which one I am just depends on how late I am!


PS: Be speedy like Ocelot and check out the new Learning magazine digital issue here.

27 thoughts on “Saved by the Sloth: You’ll Quickly Love This Book—Win It!

  1. I’m usually speedy like the Ocelot when I should be slow like the Sloth. There’s always too much to do and not enough time to do it!

  2. I wish there was more hours in the day to be slow like a sloth but I never seem to have enough time and have to rush,rush, rush.

  3. I want to think that I can adapt to each situation. Somethings need to be taken care of quickly like the Ocelot would, others need a more careful review and need to be handled more carefully as the sloth might portrait! I guess I am a multi animal:). Why not appreciate the best of all:)

  4. I am both: I am slow and steady to make sure what I do is done correctly, but I am also fast in that I have lots of stuff to do and want to honor my commitments and responsibilities.

  5. I prefer to be slow and steady like a sloth, but teaching often requires me to be more like Ocelot. There is never enough time it seems!

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