Right on Time: Win the 2018 World Almanac and Fill Your Year With Facts


Which state has the deepest lake? Highest mountain? Largest building? Longest bridge? You know you want to know….

Find thousands of answers to the questions you have—and the questions you didn’t even know you had—with The World Almanac and Book of Facts 2018.

Let’s have a little fun: Let me know which state you think has the largest building (for the sticklers out there, that’s defined as the building with the most cubic feet). Submit your comment to this blog by January 31, 2018. Two lucky teachers will be randomly selected to win. No Googling, you don’t have to be correct to win the prize so just make your best guess. Good luck!


Here’s some other exciting info:
One hundred teachers—yep, 100!—each will win a pack of Glue Dots. Just imagine all of the great projects you and your students will create! Click here now to enter. Then visit the Glue Dots blog for fun project ideas.

The Great Kindness Challenge is a one-week bullying prevention initiative. Register your school at thegreatkindnesschallenge.org to get free downloadable tools including a list of 50 acts of kindness for students. The challenge is set for January 22–26, so register now. Click here.


The Captain Planet Foundation awards ecoTech grants up to $2,500 to support inquiry-based, STEM-related projects. The projects must use technology that is not a device like an iPad and address environmental problems. Get the details at captainplanetfoundation.org/grants/ ecotech.

Can’t wait to hear your best guesses to win that prize!


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