Rewrite Right, Right? Win a Set of 3 Books From a Master of Rewrites

The new issue of Learning magazine is hitting the mail, and in it you’ll find an interview with children’s author Rachel Vail. I won’t spill the details, but one thing that Rachel says is that the hardest part of her job is the first 19 or 20 drafts of a book—then after that it gets fun. Wow! 

I have three of Rachel’s books to give away in this week’s random drawing: A Is for Elizabeth (love that title!), Big Mouth Elizabeth, and Justin Case: School, Drool, and Other Daily Disasters. If you’d like a chance to win, submit a comment to our blog to let us know how many rewrites your students typically do. Bet they’ll be stunned to find out how many Rachel does! Submit your comment by Thursday, October 10, to be included in the drawing. Good luck! Congratulations to our lucky winner Deena Powers!

Here are some great opportunities to check out this week, no revision required.


The Bee Grant from the Whole Kids Foundation provides grants for educational beehives. Intrigued? Buzz on over to The deadline is October 15.




Do you know an outstanding librarian? Nominate him or her for the I Love My Librarian Award. It’s worth $5,000! Get the forms at



Mix It Up at Lunch Day encourages students to cross social boundaries and connect with someone new. The official Mix It Up at Lunch Day is October 22, but you can observe the event any day—or even multiple times throughout the year. Register now and receive a free set of posters at


The interview with Rachel Vail also includes a sneak peek at her new book, due out this spring. Check it out!


PS: Just posted! We have new freebies and prizes at Click here.

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  1. I do not usually have my students do rewrites. I do they think they are very important but my Kindergarteners usually do worse rather than better.

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