swing-846077_960_720Think back to your elementary school years. How many recesses did you have? I seem to remember that we had three; one in the morning, a lunch recess, and one in the afternoon. I always made a beeline for the swings. I loved (and still love) the swings.

We all know that frequent recesses are pretty much a thing of the past. But this Texas school has decided to give its students four—count ‘em—four recesses a day. And do you know what happened? Of course you do. You’re a teacher, and you know the value of recess. The children in that school are more attentive in class, there are fewer discipline problems, and the teacher can get more accomplished because now she doesn’t have a herd of fidgety students. It’s too bad all schools can’t adopt this policy.

So now I have recess on the brain. How many recesses do your students get?


One thought on “Recess!

  1. None. We have a P.E. session, but that is all. Our school is not allowed to have recess. Very sad.
    When I was in elementary school, we had 3 recesses plus P.E.

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