Reason to Be a Green Teacher: #12,624

That magical thing lurking around the corner, big and green and wet with rain? That’s spring. Yes, spring is just ahead, just around the bend. So now’s the time to plan your class garden.

Wait. What? What class garden?

The one you’re going to plant this year. The one that is going to make your students wiser. The one that is going to manage their excess energy. The one that is going to teach such math skills as area and perimeter. The one that will be a shining example of photosynthesis. The one that will help them concentrate and engage their whole bodies in active learning. Not to mention the one that will get them outdoors and into fresh air.

Those are all benefits of a class or school garden, according to a study by the Royal Horticulture Society in the UK.

So what do you say? Will you plant a class garden this year? Or do you do that already? And if you do, share your advice with us here.

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