Ready to Seuss Up?

Blog-Happy-BD-Dr-SeussAre you ready to put your sense of Seuss to the test? I thought so! I bring you five questions about the beloved author. Answer each question correctly, and you’ll spell Theodor’s mother’s maiden name. It will be fun, and perhaps you’ll learn something you didn’t already know about the great Dr. Seuss!

1. The correct pronunciation of Seuss rhymes with

      s. voice

      e. goose

      u. mess

2. Green Eggs and Ham contains exactly

      s. 75 words

      e. 50 words

      u. 100 words

3. The first recorded instance of this word appeared in If I Ran the Zoo (published in 1950).

      s. meme

      e. punk

      u. nerd

4. Theodor’s grandmother lived on

      s. Mulberry Street

      e. Lorax Avenue

      u. Oobleck Court

5. Theodor’s friends and family called him

      s. Ted

      e. Tom

      u. Doctor



PS: Theodor’s mother’s maiden name? Seuss!


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