Quack! It’s a Giveaway!

Happy Friday, all! It’s the final day of our Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway Extravaganza at The Mailbox Blog. We’ve had loads of fun and we hope you have too!

Today’s giveaway includes a duck (yes, it’s a rubber one), two adorable duck books, and—wait for it—a $20 THANK YOU gift card for Bath & Body Works. Every teacher deserves to be pampered, don’t you agree?

To enter for a chance to win this “quack-tastic” prize pack,

leave a comment on the blog that tells one of your favorite

ways to unwind or be pampered.

Just be sure to do this before midnight, May 13.


Sending bunches of TLC (Teacher Lovin’ Care) your way!


PS: Remember to enter all five of this week’s giveaways plus our First Friday Giveaway for the month of May before midnight, May 13.  

Congratulations to Susan T., the winner

of this “quack-tastic” giveaway!

181 thoughts on “Quack! It’s a Giveaway!

  1. I love to go fishing (or at least out on the lake with my grown sons and just listen to them
    talk and joke with each other. One of my sons lives far away so I don’t get to be with them very often. I have always just loved being with them and marveling at how different yet how close and talented they both are!

  2. I love to have a glass of wine and relax on the couch…a couple times a year I save up some money to spoil myself with either a mini or pedi!! Then I’m relaxed and have pretty nails!!????

  3. I relax listening to the song birds in our neighborhood while savoring a cup of hot coffee. I also am fond of a session in my craft room creating greeting cards.

  4. I love to sit with my cat Max in my lap purring as I pet him. I used to have a pet duck who lived in the house with us. And, she also liked to sit in my lap while I petted her. But, she also liked for the TV to be on, and she watched TV as I petted her.

  5. After I leave the preschool, I just like to go home and reflect, no tv, no computer, etc for a little bit. No sound, peaceful!

  6. Coffee, my best friend, and a bookstore (used or new)! Love to get lost in books. Then, I love to bring them home and read everywhere!

  7. I love to unwind drinking a large cup of Sweet Tea while soaking my feet in hot water or outside working in my flower garden planting flowers or pulling weeds out. Discovering new flower growth. I like to plant variety of plants for the bees,birds and butterflies. Also, playing with my two pitbull girls after a long day at my Child care center. Love my job!!!

  8. I love to sit on my deck with my beloved, listening to the waterfall on our pond, and watching the ducks swim around it…….gliding effortlessly – knowing full well about all the activity going on below the water level to make that “effortlessness” happen…….greatly appreciating it…

  9. After a crazy day in pre-k I love to either 1)hang out with my special someone and watch tv 2) go for a long tough bike ride 3) run run run!

  10. At the end of the day, my husband has seating area in his garage/man cave with a nice tv / surround sound system. So we get together have some us time and watch a movie 🙂 We have even got in the car put it on the lift have all the lights out and it’s like our own drive in movies 😀 simple fun, but very relaxing

  11. I love coming home and taking off all the trappings of the day; work clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. Then I change into comfortable jeans and a top and watch a movie or show on Netflix.

  12. After a day of teaching, my favorite thing to do is go run 4-5 miles or workout / practice with my Varsity cheerleaders!

  13. I enjoy reading when I can but my favorite escape is just spending time with my son. He is 13 so he would rather do anything else.

  14. I love relaxing on or by the water. It can be in a hammock, on the dock,or in a boat, kayak, pontoon or pedal boat!

  15. I love to curl up with a good book and a blanket outside in the summer evenings! During the winter I love to add a hot chocolate!

  16. I love to relax and unwind with a good book while sitting out in the garden, or in the winter time with a warm bubble bath and scented body wash- and can’t forget- the broadway show tunes. 🙂

  17. Sitting on the patio, drinking coffee, listening to the water from our fountain and watching the birds.

  18. Take a walk outside with my infant daughter. I especially love when the sun is shinning and the breeze is blowing.

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