Prime Times for Learning

Thinking about a regular school day, what times of the day do you think are the most productive for you and your students? Are mornings best? Maybe you have a time period that is rarely interrupted during the day. Or maybe afternoons are prime times for learning. Please share!

Always interested!


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12 thoughts on “Prime Times for Learning

  1. We’re definitely more productive in the morning! After lunch/recess, it’s all downhill. My students had to really focus on staying focused.if the topic wasn’t interesting or too difficult, it was an uphill battle.

  2. In our schedule, we have two times of the day that have been particularly effective. Right after PE (1 hr 30 mins) and right after lunch (1hr 30 mins). After PE is my reading, reading groups, and writing time. After lunch is all math. The students work well at those times because they have just had movement and their brain is working well and after lunch because they have socialized and are full and ready to learn math.

  3. Mornings, about a half hour into the day, for about 2 hours for instructional/practice time.. Then I love 45 minutes after lunch for free choice reading, writing, and/or one on one conferencing (any subject).

  4. Mornings are definitely best. I would rather have more time in my classroom in the mornings instead of having to send my students to P.E. at 10:15 each day.

  5. Definitely mornings. I schedule my language arts, reading and math in the mornings and save afternoons for “specials” (art, music, PE, computer, library) and subjects like science and social studies.

  6. Mornings…but they can be difficult in that I have children who arrive late and so picking the right activities for the right time of the day can be tricky.

  7. I think the most productive time is when the students first arrive. I have a staggered day Kindergarten. The “late birds” start their day with all the fun part of the day with the early birds. So after lunch when reading, math and writing are the focus it becomes much more of a challenge.

  8. Mornings – especially the first 1 1/2 hours.
    I had one boy four years ago who didn’t do well in the morning, so I worked extra with him in the afternoon.

  9. All my kids are more productive in the mornings. All the testing needs to be done in the mornings. I can especially notice this as we get closer to summer break every school year.

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