Powerful Words

At this very moment, I feel inspired and humbled, privileged and thankful, sorrowful and hopeful. And it’s all because of the words of Eunice Akoth, the sixth grader pictured here. This 12-year-old captivated the audience at the recent Women in the World Summit with her words, a response to her life growing up in Kibera, Africa’s largest urban slum. Eunice attends Kibera’s all-girls school, the very first of its kind. She explained after her performance, which included both fist pumps and tears, that she wrote the poem for the kids in Kibera who have dreams. She wants them to know that they can achieve their dreams, even if at this very moment they don’t know how. Powerful words from such a young poet. And inspiration for people of all ages. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

                        “Every mighty king was once a crying baby!

                   Every great tree was once a tiny seed!

                   Every tall building was once in paper!

                   And so I dream my dream!”




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