Popular Pinterest Posts: 3 Favorites!

I love Pinterest! It’s such a good way to keep track of activities you want to use in the classroom —and cookie recipes, because cookies. Posting on Pinterest is one of my tasks for The Mailbox. So of course, I can see what teachers are viewing the most during the last six months and what they’re clicking on. Some clicks are expected and some are surprising. It occurs to me that you might be interested to see some of the things your colleagues enjoy on this popular social channel. My learning from this: Teachers love patterns! Click here to follow The Mailbox on Pinterest.


This bunny paper topper is super popular right now!





I don’t know what you’re doing with these ticket patterns, but you really love them!





I understand why you want raindrop patterns. Spring is coming and that means rain. These patterns come in both color and black and white, plus they’re programmable! So you can type whatever information you want on each raindrop.







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