POP Quiz and Prize Time

In June I announced a special summertime bonus for the months of June, July, and August. What was the bonus you ask? Well, on the last Friday of the month a POP quiz will be posted. Leave your answers to the quiz right here on the blog, score a 100%, and you’ll be automatically entered in a random drawing to win a FREE Mailbox ePacket valued at $10 or less.

It’s the last Friday of July so here we go! And just in case you’re wondering, everyone who took the quiz last month scored a 100%. It’s quite easy to do! Just be sure to take the quiz before the end of the month! (Hint: All answers can be found in the current month’s blog posts.) 

Congrats to Brenda, the winner of July’s summertime bonus! 


Pop Quiz for July

1. Which of the following takes place during the month of July?

a. National Ice Cream Month

b. National Picnic Month

c. Both a and b

2. Who is giving away a book that is jam-packed with stickers? (Must enter by Aug. 1!)

a. Karen

b. Diane

c. Kim

3. Who wrote “Twas the Night Before Christmas?”

a. Martha Stewart

b. Clement C. Moore 

c. Teddy Roosevelt

4. What is the most popular flavor of ice cream in the US?

a. cilantro lime

b. vanilla

c. goat cheese

5. Who explained why the voice we hear when we speak sounds different than the voice others hear?

a. Kim

b. Karen

c. Diane

You’ll ace this!


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