Pond Friends

I live in a fairly rural area near a few small ponds and random streams. I love that I end up with a variety of critters wandering near my house—but I hate that my proximity to water means I end up with swarms of mosquitoes every summer. Without those little flying vampires I probably wouldn’t have so much wildlife, so I accept the good and the bad. This green tree frog (with my cat, Moose, in the background) and a box turtle came to visit over the past couple weeks.


What might your students see near a pond? It might be something natural or totally fantastical! They’ll show you and write about it with this activity sheet. You can print it here. 





P.S. Welcome students to school safely with these table divider shields!



One thought on “Pond Friends

  1. Spring is such a beautiful season…. we all went on a nature walk and the children were all excited when we came across a couple of frogs, a family of geese with their goslings and birds on their nests. On returning, the children drew, colored and painted what we had seen.
    It was a wonderful time of discovering and learning.

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