Tomorrow, March 1st, is National Pig Day. Are you a lover of pigs? I know two people who collect piggy doodads of all sorts. And if I’m being perfectly honest, there was a time I wished for my own teeny-tiny pink pig with a curlicue tail. Today, when I think of pigs, I think of children’s literature. My favorite pig would have to be Wilbur, the rambunctious piggy from Charlotte’s Web. In fact, Wilbur most likely inspired my childhood piggy wish. Other pig characters include sweet Piglet from the Pooh stories, lovable Babe, Olivia the pig, and Laura Numeroff’s pancake-eating piggy. Oh, and the three little pigs, of course.

So who’s your favorite pig? In celebration of National Pig Day (which, by the way, was started in 1972 by sisters Ellen Stanley [a teacher] and Mary Lynne Rave) give a shout-out to your favorite pig right now! 

Oinks to you!


4 thoughts on “Pigs!

  1. Diane, I will have to agree with you. Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web is my all-time favorite pig! As a matter of fact, Charlotte’s Web has to be my all-time favorite book!

  2. I love all of Laura Numeroff’s animal characters so my favorite would have to be her pig. My kids have heard her stories so many times that they love making connections to other stories that are “circle stories.” They often announce at the end of a story “That’s a circle story because it is just like starting all over again!”

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