Picnic Pests!

Ant headband-front view!

Ant headband-front view!

Chances are, if you had a picnic or a cookout for this past holiday weekend, you ended up experiencing some ants or other buggy guests. (They all seem to gang up on me whenever I’m outside. Bugs think I’m delicious.) To commemorate our uninvited picnic pests, I’ve made this sassy ant headband!

I keep picturing a class full of little ones wearing these headbands for activities in a picnic-themed unit! Can you imagine the cuteness? It makes me squeal a little. (And I’m not much of a squealer unless I see kittens or baby bunnies or cheesecake with chocolate sauce.) I particularly enjoy how my headband bobs up and down when I walk. I may wear it all day long just to throw off my coworkers. Click here for directions to make this headband. And while you’re at it, type “picnic” into the search bar. I did and found 186 worksheets, patterns, and activities. You can create an entire thematic unit with a few clicks!

Ant headband-side view!

Ant headband-side view!

Did you go on a picnic or have a cookout this past holiday weekend? Did the bugs enjoy your picnic as much as much as you did?

P.S. This headband is also terrific to use to teach little ones the parts of an insect!


4 thoughts on “Picnic Pests!

  1. We write interactive themed plays with songs for preschoolers. One of our summer favorites is “The Picnic” there is a wonderful song about counting 10 ants as they join your picnic.

  2. Love the ant hat! 🙂

    Was in Southeast Missouri for the 4th of July. Mosquitoes were AWFUL! Happy to be back in South Texas where the mosquitoes aren’t. 😉

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