Paws Up!

Meet Booker T. Pug. Booker is a reading therapy dog at South Salem Elementary in Covington, Georgia. He has his very own Puppy Palace in the school’s media center that contains a plush puppy bed and comfy seating for one, two, or three young readers. Booker hangs out in the library each school day with his mom, media specialist, Meghen Bassel. Except for the occasional case of the “zoomies,” he lounges in his puppy palace and attentively listens to kiddos of all ages practice their reading and storytelling skills. You can read more about Booker T. Pug and his mom by clicking HERE. The article is a great read—both entertaining and informative. As all teachers know, kiddos who become confident readers are much more likely to enjoy and do well in school. Good boy, Booker!

Please share how you foster a love of and a desire for reading, whatever the ages of your students!




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