Out-of-This-World Summer Vacation

Blog-Bear-VacationerWhen I read this fun fact, I knew it was one teachers would enjoy. Did you know summers on the planet Uranus are 21 Earth years long? Now wouldn’t that be a deserving summer break? Simply plan a summer trip to Uranus and return 21 years later. Be sure to take your family with you!

Summers on Mars are probably more doable. You’d have a little over six months, though noontime summer temps reportedly range from about 70°F at the equator to –225°F at the poles. This definitely puts a kink in a Mars adventure.

So here’s my question: if money were no object (silly thought, I know!), where would you like to spend a week or more of your summer vacation?

Dream big!



2 thoughts on “Out-of-This-World Summer Vacation

  1. I would really like to head back to Missouri and be with family and friends. I know it’s not exotic, but it’s what I would love. 🙂

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