Our Hats Are Off to You!

I love Fridays, and yet I’m sorry to see this Friday come! Here at The Mailbox, we’ve had oodles of fun reading your blog comments and celebrating Teacher Appreciation (TEAPP) Week right along with you! Here’s the final question of this week’s celebration. To be entered in today’s giveaway, post your comment at this blog by midnight (EDT) Sunday, May 13.

On the fifth day of TEAPP Week
The Mailbox offered me
An Ultimate surprise!
Four chocolate bars,
Three theme kits,
Two Mailbox books, and
A really cool calendar!

To be entered in a drawing for a book
from our new line of The Ultimate teacher products,
tell us why you became a teacher.

Thank you for all you do!

PS: If you missed a giveaway from earlier in the week, you can still enter. Just be sure to leave your comment at that blog by midnight May 13. All winners will be announced on Monday, May 14.

51 thoughts on “Our Hats Are Off to You!

  1. I wanted to be a teacher since I was in third grade. My teacher was awesome. She made it seem so easy to help students learn. I love seeing the eyes of a child widen with delight when they are successful. Of course, it hasn’t always been hearts and flowers, but I don’t think I could do anything else.

  2. I fell in love with Preschool when I started volunteering in my son’s classroom. He had a awesome teacher Mrs. Gill. I went back to school and a few years later began my teaching career. Thanks Mrs. Gill.

  3. I decided to become a teacher when I was in the 3rd grade. I had a wonderful teacher Named karen Jordan and I wanted to be just like her!!

  4. This probably sounds cliche but I loved children and truly wanted to do a job where I would make a difference. I had wonderful teachers and I think I was born a teacher (as my sisters would probably tell you).

  5. I became a teacher because for as long as I remember, it’s all I wanted to be. I had so many great teachers and I wanted to be just like them.

  6. I became a teacher because my teachers had a huge impact on me and my development. They changed my life and I wanted to be able to do the same thing. I have done other things but always returned to teaching. I have no choice, it is who I am and what I do.

  7. I always wanted to be a teacher. I had my own classroom in my neighborhood when I was young and I taught Sunday School to young children when I was in High School! I love being a teacher!!!

  8. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher and going through the process has not changed anything. I love the “lightbulb” moment that students have and that makes it all worthwhile for me!!

  9. I think teaching is the most rewarding career. My days are never boring.I love teaching 3-6 year old children because they never cease to amaze me! The kids are like sponges taking everything in, and just think I’m the smartest person on Earth!

  10. When I started 2nd grade I was very shy and a struggling reader. My 2nd grade teacher made me feel special, and went out of his way to have tutoring sessions with me to help me learn how to read. I learned so much from him, and loved his class so much that I decided at the end of 2nd grade that I was going to grow up to be a teacher. Now here I am. 🙂

  11. My parents were both teachers. They enjoyed their jobs and helped several children over the last 40 years. They inspired me to help others, too. Plus I love to learn and a great teacher never stops learning.

  12. I can always remember wanting to be a teacher. Even at the age of three. My Grandmother was a teacher and I looked up to her in so many ways. Being a teacher is the best occupation in the world!

  13. As like many I became a teacher to help children. I had a very difficult time in school and wanted to make it easier for others.

  14. I have always wanted to be a teacher. I was constantly pretending as a young child. I have always had a love of young children and I truly enjoy watching them learn and progress as a child.

  15. as the oldest child I have always been a teacher. Life just seems to keep coming back to teaching no matter what I have tried in life

  16. I am an explorer, inventor, and educator!!!I love teaching and wouldn’t trade for anything. I became a teacher to teach the youth in a fun and exciting way. I laugh, cry, achieve, aspire, discover,and recede with my students. I don’t see myself doing anything other than TEACHING. It’s a super rewarding career anyone could have.

  17. I’ve had so many amazing teachers myself! When I was in high school, my first grade teacher asked me to come back and help during my free periods. From that time on, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher. Now, we get to teach in the same school!

  18. I became a teacher to touch the lives of kids just as one teacher touched my life. I had a teacher who pushed me and made me work harder because she saw something in me. I wanted to be that type teacher that sees best in every student even if they don’t see it in themselves. That’s why I became a teacher.

  19. I became a teacher because I love children. I wanted to give children a chance to love to learn and to become successful. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of those young ones!

  20. I always wanted to be a teacher. My mother tells me the kindergarten teacher would have to remind me I was not the teacher.

  21. I first entered teaching for my then preschool aged kids. I Stayed in teaching and went further to get a bachelers degree in Human Development and family studies so I could show others the real research for why this is such an important calling. Hows that for a reason on a really hard week. My best teacher appreciation gift was a heart felt note from parents and the signature of one of my kids! (35 years later)

  22. I became a teacher because I had a really hard time in school. Teachers called me stupid and lazy and even told my mother not to expect me to graduate high school. This was when I was in second grade. When I got to 3rd grade I had a teacher who realized I learned differently. She pushed to have me tested and they found out I had dyslexia. She then helped me overcome by disability. Because of her I wanted to become a teacher and help students instead of labeling them when they have difficulty in school.

  23. I have always enjoyed being around children and what could be better than teaching where I can be with the children all day.

  24. It was a happy accident! The office I had worked in closed & I ended up helping out at a preschool. Loved it & decided to pursue Education as a career & go to grad school…so glad I did…wouldn’t change back for anything! Lot of work but a good satisfying kind of work & it is SO rewarding!!

  25. I wanted to teach PE but when I went to college my parents said I needed to have a business major. Years later I took an asst. Job at my kids elementary school and I worked with kids struggling in math. I loved it and the kids responded..
    so 26 years after I graduated I went back to school and be…came an official teacher….I found my passion and my calling…I feel very blessed!

  26. As a child I was told I was not college material, it took my 20 years to get over this. With the encouragement of my family I went beck to school. I always knew in my heart, for all those years, that I wanted to teach children, mainly to encourage them to not let happen to them what happened to me, to believe in your self. Now I have the opportunity to help my students to see that with a little work and a caring teacher anything is possible and I’m LOVING it.

  27. I love seeing the excitement in the lives of the children as we learn and discover new things together! I want the children to appreciate the world around them and be able to make a difference in the world themselves someday!

  28. From my earliest memory, being a teacher is all I wanted to do. I really believe that I was “born” to be one. :)I have taught for 36 years and am so dreading the day when I walk out those doors of learning for the very last time! 🙂

  29. I became a teacher because I LOVE children and their attitude about life! I want to be able to make a positive difference in their lives by nurturing their foundation.They are the future and I would like to help keep it healthy and bright!

  30. I like many of the others really enjoyed working with children, and I had some awesome teachers as I was coming through school who helped me to succeed at things that were not my strengths. I wanted to be like them.

  31. I was unsure about becoming a teacher when I was in college, but after working out in the “real world” I just didn’t feel like I was doing anything worthwhile. Since becoming a teacher and getting to see kids grow every day, I’ve never questioned the decision! It’s the best job I’ve ever had!

  32. I became a teacher because I just wanted to do something fun and exciting! Teaching allows me to interact with kids on a daily basis and help them learn all kinds of new things! I love my job!

  33. I have ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher (since I was 8)and in 6th grade I had a fabulous teacher (Joe Capitano) who reinforced my desire.

  34. I became a teacher because it is who I am. I am a third generation teacher. You could say it is in my “blood”. As a little girl I always played “teacher”. I enjoyed decorating my bulletin boards, grading my “students” work, and writing their lessons on the chalk board. At the age of 19 I started working with children as a volunteer and I absolutely loved it! I loved watching their excitement in learning new things. I loved seeing the “lightbulb” come on when a concept was difficult to understand. I loved planning things out for the children to work on and watching a plan come together nicely. It was only natural for me to be trained to become a teacher.

  35. I became a teacher partly because of my brother’s First Grade Teacher. He had a speech problem and she made him repeatedly stand in front of the class to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and let the entire class laugh and make fun of him. Many of my teachers inspired me as well. They loved teaching and nurturing their students. However, my band directors in elementary school, junior high school, and high school were AWESOME! Band is what helped me get through tough times in junior high and high school. I went to college and majored in instrumental music. After graduation, I was unable to get a job in my field. So, since I loved working with children, I worked as a teacher assistant. After my kids were older, I went back to school to study Early Childhood Education, then added a Preschool Handicapped Endorsement, and then a Master’s in Special Education. My heart explodes with love and happiness when the light bulb goes on in a child that I work with.

  36. I became a teacher to watch children grow into indiviuals who are our future. My passion and desire to help children is what keeps me motivated and wanting to help more children every year!

  37. Teaching was what I always wanted to do but it took a lot of life before I was able to realize my dream. I love seeing that light bulb click on for the children. Thanks to you here at The Mailbox I get plenty of opportunities for that to happen.

  38. I started working with children at the age of 11! I had a calling to work with children. I am a teacher because I was meant to be one. Fulfilling one’s destiny is wonderful.

  39. Uh, the money. Just kidding! I become a teacher to hopefully change the future of this world for the better.

  40. I come from a line of teachers and to be honest I wasn’t really sure I wanted to be one myself. I did some work with Special Olympics and really seemed to work well with the athletes. This changed my thinking and that is why I went into special education. I love helping the kids that most people, including some parents, have given up on. My students make incredible gains because I have high expectations for them. I love it.

  41. I am a teacher because When I see the successes that my 2’s experience as they conquer their first “first’s” there is nothing more satisfying to me.

  42. I always wanted to be a teacher, but my father wouldn’t allow it. I had to major in psychology, and I was expected to go to graduate school.

    I refused graduate school because my heart just wasn’t in it. I still wanted to teach. I did go back to school — but it was to earn my teaching certificate! I have now been teaching 8 years. I love it! 🙂

  43. I became a teacher, because right from my early elementary years, it seemed like the perfect fit. When in school, I use to love the teachers asking me to help my classmates with their work and rejoicing with them when memory tricks we worked out helped them to succeed on assessments and assignments. In high school, when we were required to volunteer in an area of our choice, there was no doubt that I was going to be working with kids. Because I had been tutoring and assisting in classrooms so long, the teacher I approached for a volunteer spot actually let me have my own “class”– my job was to help accelerated math elementary students prepare of national competition!! In college, I loved every moment I spent in local classrooms– I actually requested that my work-study job be in an elementary school. To this day, those moments are still some of my fondest memories of college. Working in schools now as a certified teacher, my greatest days are not when all the kids behave or when everyone gets a passing grade on their quiz—although those are good days. My favorite days are when previous students see me and call my name, waving enthusiastically, or when older students come up to me and say “Hey, thanks for everything!” It may not sound like much, but every one of those moments, I cherish and consider them the greatest testimony to my teaching experience.

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