One For Me, One For You Giveaway!

Are you seeing double? Good! Because for this fantastic finale to Teacher Appreciation Week, you could win a set of books for yourself and a second set for a teacher friend! Yes, indeed. We’re giving you a giveaway that allows you to do your own giveaway! I love it!

So how do you enter? It’s easy! Simply reply to this blog with an answer to the following question:

What would you like to have more of in your classroom?
(Caffeinated beverages? Classroom helpers? Good staplers? Chocolate snacks? The possibilities are endless!)


Be sure to do this before midnight on Sunday, May 14, 2017. I’ll announce the winner right here on the blog, and I’ll also notify the winner at the email address used to submit the comment.

I hope you had a fabulous Teacher Appreciation Week!

                                                                                    Update: The winner of our “One for Me, One for You” giveaway is MH, who posted comment number 21! Congratulations!

166 thoughts on “One For Me, One For You Giveaway!

  1. More TIME ….. with some time to allow the students to express themselves creatively. Seems like we are hyper-focused on curriculum and there is no time for creative expression. Thanks for supporting teachers – Mailbox is THE BEST!

  2. Magic! …..More specifically…. Magic that can pick up all of the little scraps of paper after we are done practicing using our scissors!!

  3. I would like to have more time with my students so I can give them all the information they need to do there research.

  4. I teach in a school where students do not have needed supplies provided from home. At this point in the school year (actually started about 3 months ago!) I wish I had more glue sticks and pencils…

  5. I would like to have more iPads so that my students would not have to share 5 iPads between 20 students.

  6. I would love some cool air! LOL..our heat is still in and we can only
    open our windows like an inch because of the child locks on them.
    I’m so hot!!

  7. Tape & other fasteners, but also I want an unobtrusive way to play soft background ‘brain music’ without the sight of a player.

  8. I would love to have a classroom. I am an itinerant ESOL teacher, and I travel from school to school. I would love to have coffee and bottled water in my car, though!

  9. I would love to have some extra help in the classroom. I teach half day Kindergarten. If no parent shows up to help with the folders, taking out homework and putting in new homework, I waste teaching time to have the students put their things in themselves. Fridays are the worst!!!

  10. Time. There’s simply not enough of it in a day to do all the things I’d like to do with my kiddos.

  11. Large pillows to prop up against, bean bag chairs, clip boards, head phones all for my new section in my High School Special Education classroom

  12. I would love to have my own space. I currently share a room with 3 other teachers and it would be AWESOME to do what I want without worrying about what others might think

  13. I would love to have more technology- Ipads or portable computers, and a SMARTbord/interactive white board.

  14. I teach at a small rural school with only one classroom per grade level. I would LOVE having time in my classroom to collaborate with my teaching colleagues, problem solving, brainstorming creative new ways of doing things, or maybe, even watching a webinar together. We already do these things, but it is always on our own time, making it hard to do them as often as we would like. 🙂

  15. Snacks and Coca-Cola. Flexible seating, classroom helpers, laptops, printer, paper, ink- Not asking for a lot ????????????????????

  16. I would like to have more time to build relationships with students and spend more one on one time to help children be successful with their learning. It seems like their is not enough time to do everything that is crucial for students to succeed.

  17. I would love to have more time.It never seems like there is enough of it- especially when you do an A.M and P.M session. More help would help too. As my mother taught me- many hands make light work!

  18. I have a retired teacher who volunteers, two days a week, in my classroom. I would love another volunteer with Ms. Kathy’s skills.

  19. I would like to have more time.
    •More time to plan each week.
    •More time to get materials prepped.
    I would also like more money to buy things•
    •Things such as dry erase markers and erasers.
    •Not to mention pencils, not the cheap kind that fall apart.
    •Glue for projects.
    •And all sizes of art and construction paper for follow through science, art pr social studies projects.
    But most of all I would like respect.
    •Respect from lawmakers who make us jump through hoops and give our school a grade based on testing, not factoring in other factors but hardly can give a good raise to combat cost of living.
    •Respect from Parents who think you should do it all but don’t even help at home or ever think to volunteer.
    And last of all
    If I can’t have more, I appreciate sites like this with give aways that are as a bouquet of sunshine given out as books. It’s always fun to enter and hold out hope to possibly win.

  20. I would love to have more classroom helpers. The more assistance the merrier! There’s nothing like an extra set of hands in any classroom. Essential supplies are always welcome as well as another good book! We love to read in our classroom!

  21. School supplies for the children. Parents complain so much about how redicouls it is to ask kindergarteners for 10 glue sticks on their supply list and more than one box of crayons. They don’t understand that they go through at least a glue stick a month and by Christmas they are almost all gone, crayons are just nubs, no one has any red in the whole room, and the teacher ends up buying new supplies for the rest of the year. For 20 kids…

  22. Storage space! But more realistically sturdy bins for my books and manipulatives which will fit nicely onto my shelves.

  23. I would love to have a projector! ???? It would be such a fun way to incorporate identification/recognition games, literacy, math…possibilities are endless ????

  24. I would like more lids. Lids to the glue sticks. Lids to the markers. Lids to glitter sticks, this is a big one. And a great assortment of books.

  25. Technology. As a reading specialist, I get 1 student iPad. The kids are doing so much with technology in their classrooms, but it’s hard to teach for transfer when you don’t have the same tools as the classroom teacher.

  26. I would like to have more dry erase markers.Between the writing center,name writing and caps left off we go thru them quickly. I also would like ipads or tablets for students.

  27. I would love more one on one time with my students! My first graders are always wanting to share stories with me but there is never enough time to share them all!

  28. I would love to have more space! My classroom is small which limits long term projects and creativity.

  29. I wish that in my classroom we had more time! It seems to constantly slip away from us! Having multiple interruptions probably has something to do with the lack of time, but poof! If more time just appeared, I’d appreciate it (;

  30. More help, more books for our class library and glue sticks. Coffee and decent prizes/ incentives for the children. 🙂

  31. I would love more cabinet space! Working in a portable makes things tricky. Also, more time to catch up on paperwork!

  32. I would like to have more help in the classroom. At the beginning of the school year we had 8 infants from 6 weeks to 5 months of age. There were 2 teachers. It was very overwhelming at the time. I now have 4 one year olds and 4 ten month olds. I believe that the infant classroom should always have 3 teachers. I would also like an outside play area for the infant class only. Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this giveaway. Have a great day.

  33. I would love to have a window in our classroom! We are surrounded by concrete walls. Our students would love to have a little sunshine to grow in, as well as be able to watch the changing seasons outside!

  34. A double of me so, one of us could play with the kiddos and the other could do the paperwork and assessments:) Always more ti.e!

  35. I would like my very own printer in my classroom and a Keurig coffee machine to make my
    coffee and so I wouldn’t have to keep walking back and forth to make copies for class work and homework packets!!!!!! LOL!!!! That would be nice!!!!!

  36. Paper pocket folders, page protectors, glue sticks, thick pencils, writing paper, scissors that can really cut, and more space and more books. Oh Oh and I desk for writing in our writing center.

  37. Headphones ! This year we have had many get broken or just stop working. Dollar tree ear buds are okay but kindergarteners have trouble with them!

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