On the Verge of Wrapping It Up

Yes, unless you teach in a year-round school, that part of the academic year when you start looking at ways to wrap it up is here (or coming very soon).

My three kids have already informed me of how few school days are actually left before summer vacation. I nearly had a heart attack!

Mailbox teachers, as the remaining pages in your lesson plan book become fewer and fewer still…

  • Are there particular classroom lesson successes you’re especially proud of from this school year?
  • What is your favorite classroom memory from this school year (good, bad, or otherwise)?
  • Were there lessons you created to meet a challenging standard that you’d like to share?
  • What did you learn about yourself this year that you hope to take into the next school year?
  • What major hurdles do you have left to jump before your academic year ends?

We’re always looking for great teaching ideas, classroom management tips, and more. So, before the end of the year gets too hectic, share yours with us! If we end up using one of your ideas, you’ll earn a $20 gift certificate from The Mailbox.

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