On the Road With The Mailbox

“Whatcha got in here, books?” Each time I dropped in for a summer visit, my dad accused me of loading my overstuffed and overweight suitcase with books. And you know what? He was right! As a teacher, I rarely traveled without a stash of children’s books and a The Mailbox magazine or two. Heck, I have a similar habit today. Just a few weeks ago, I carried a book from The Mailbox and a mystery novel to the North Carolina mountains. I didn’t have time to enjoy either, but I was prepared—just in case!

What about you? So far this summer, where have you taken a publication from The Mailbox? To the beach? To a car repair shop? To a doctor’s office? To a bagel shop? Surely you’ve taken (or plan to take) a book or magazine from The Mailbox with you somewhere this summer!

This will be fun! Let’s list all the unique places publications from The Mailbox have been this summer!


PS Speaking of traveling, next Wednesday (July 27), I’ll be at John R. Green Company, a school and office supply business in Covington, Kentucky, for its annual Meet the Vendor Day. I’ll have books and magazines from The Mailbox with me. Drop by if you can. I’d love to see you!

11 thoughts on “On the Road With The Mailbox

  1. Mailbox went with me to my granddaughter’s soccer game (only for half time though), to the surgery center as I waited for a loved one, and to the doctor’s office.

  2. Mailbox and Mailbox publications go everywhere with me. In the car i keep Everything Themes currently and sometimes I add one of the older ones that I can reread.
    My Magazine goes North with us on vacation, its been with me to Frankenmuth and to Indiana.

    Will you be making any trips to Michigan Diane???

  3. I travel once a week from Ohio to NY to visit my mother in a retirement community and always bring my Mailbox with me! Many residents are retired teachers and still like to look at my magazines and books to see what’s happening in classrooms.

  4. Darlene, I wish I could travel to Michigan. That would be so awesome! For now, however, my only travel plans are for Kentucky. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

  5. I am at a district inservice this week to discuss the math common core standards – and my Grades 2 -3 Mailbox is in my bag with me!! 😀 I have been looking through the Mailbox and using stickies to mark ideas that I want to use while I am on breaks and sharing some of these ideas during our lunch break. I love how teachers can take one idea and tweak it 5 different ways … now there are 5 different ideas – just like that!! 🙂

  6. I keep one with me everywhere that I go. And I have been using several at Reading Camp this summer. I have even had a collegue ask to borrow one to begin her back to school lesson plans.

  7. I keep a bag of them in my car – try to change them once in awhile – I wait for my kids alot, sports activites, doctors, dentist, orthodontist, senior portraits this year, I know there are a few other things too. Take alot of stickie notes so I can mark pages I need to reference back too. I always have the current magazine issue in there too! thanks!

  8. I have taken my Mailbox magazines on my daughters theme park bithday getaway for three nights. (Disneyland)I also plan to bring them on out next vacation up the CA coast, Solvang, Hearst Castle, Morro Bay, Elephant Seals in two weeks.

  9. I always take a Mailbox magazine and a couple of other teacher books with me on my vacations. I don’t always have the chance to look at them, but I like to be prepared in the event that I have any “down time.”

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