No Foolin’—It’s Giveaway Day!

Jack-in-the-Box-blogYes, it is April Fools’ Day. And yes, I’m soooo tempted to play a practical joke on y’all. But I won’t. I’ll try to act my age. (Man oh man, this is difficult!)

All foolin’ aside, we have a great giveaway this month. As many of you know, The Mailbox has an awesome selection of digital products for sale—more than 1,000 in fact. And, for this month only, we are offering a $25 shopping spree for not one, but two lucky giveaway winners!

To be entered for a chance to win, leave a comment right here on this blog that tells us the number of electronic devices you have in your classroom. We’d love to know the types of devices you personally have too, if you care to share!

Comments must be left before midnight EDT, Sunday, April 10, 2016.

I love giveaways!


PS: To check out our digital offerings, click here. On the left of the page, narrow your search by grade, curriculum, type, and/or price.

Congratulations to Julie P. and Florencia, who each won $25 in digital products from The Mailbox.

29 thoughts on “No Foolin’—It’s Giveaway Day!

  1. We have a computer in our preschool classroom but we don’t use it. We share the room and in the afternoon the after school kids use it.
    I do sometimes use my iPhone in class to show the children pictures or to look up information to share.

  2. In my classroom I have only a smart board and my smart phone. My district is rather low tec- I can borrow a mobile tablet cart but often need to race to the monthly sign up sheet. If I snooze I lose.


  3. We actually only use stereos for music at my preschool and that’s it! We have an iPad for parents to login and out and it also plays music in our lobby but we do not have technology for learning use. We do keep hoping someday for some whiteboard technology though! We would love to win this giveaways as a great start to help us prepare for summer

  4. We have a smartboard, Chromebooks and one IPad that I use during small group time and as an augmentative communication device for my students in my special education classroom.

  5. My partner and I have 4 computers in our classroom.

    My family has 3 smart phones, 2 kindles, a desktop computer and 3 laptop computers.

  6. We have just one in our homeschooling classroom on a regular basis! But we add in a laptop or TV when needed!

  7. I have one laptop computer, one “dinosaur” desktop computer (it’s soooooo old), and I have a smart board. I use my iPhone for playing songs.

  8. I teach in a self-contained EC classroom and we have lots of technology in our classroom. My main go-to is my Activboard. It is engaging, big and interactive. I have one desk-top (outdated), 2 iPads, 2 Chromebooks, and several voice output devices for my non-verbal students.

  9. I am a “floater” teacher so I don’t have an actual classroom. However, all the classrooms in my school have a projector and a document camera that I use. I teach science so I like showing videos that cover the topic I’m teaching.

  10. Our classroom has 2 desktops, an iPad and a Smartboard. I’m always looking for good Smartboard activities & iPad apps for 3-4 yr olds 🙂

  11. We have 6 student computers that are not very reliable, one laptop, one desktop. We have Ipads in our library. I have my smartphone and a laptop at home.

  12. We have an iPod for music and dancing in the classroom. We have a computer in the office where we can print off our ideas for lesson plans. I also have a smart phone and laptop that I use for lesson planning!

  13. I currently have 9 ipads in my classroom. Next year when I go back to 3rd grade I will have a class set of chrome books. Personally, I have a mini ipad and my school laptop. Our state test is taken online now so our district had to purchase technology for that.

  14. I am in a childcare with two year olds and have a class ipad to take pictures and share daily reports with families.

  15. I have only my personal computer in the room but personally have a total 4 laptops, 2 desk tops, and 2 tablets. The desk tops are currently not working along with 2 of the lap tops and 1 tablet is on loan and grand daughter has the other tablet. I do have a smart phone but I am not smart enough to figure it out yet and only use it for when I go shopping in case of emergency.

  16. I have two (three counting mine) desktops for my students. A few days a week, we utilize BYOD (I bring my mini IPAD). We have a smart board and projector tied to my teacher desktop.

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